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Gamara II

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Several Japanese piccoloists cross a bridge.
1992 anime - German Sherpherd dog and the young girl he wants to hump. Live-action interview ending!
Sex of the Future (1999 nsfw German TV segment)
Moebius / Ghibli -like animation
young russian kid being griefed on minecraft has screaming mental breakdown
Artisanal Firewood
Hljómsveitt - Næs í rassinn (Icelandic band of feminists all about the buttsex)
Who Pays the Price?
Baby macaque gets slapped
Dolphin masturbates with dead fish head
Wherever You Are
Loudmouth American gets a good smacking on a Russian train.
Metal artist recreates 19th century Japanese sword guard
Kim Jong Un pays his respects to his father
The Amazing Poo Muncher woman.
How to Make Doritos Consomme
Dissecting Scalp Cellulitis
Pyongyang, a great place to live
Tea Garden Pillow (Chinese Commercial)
Cat gets stuck between 2 glass windows.
North Korean propaganda about poverty in South Korea.
Terrifying cat with 6 legs
The Daily Show - Too Hot For TV
Surprise kids, we're going to Disney World!
Feynman on Fucking Magnets (And how they work)
Another scene from Bajrangbali
Rosemary Lane (live)
The Blindness of the Woods
Eugene Fodor Playing Bazzini's 'Dance of the Goblins' on SCTV
Man playing a goat
Chris Chan IS The Jazz Singer
Business conferences... of the FUTURE!
CVS: Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome
Proposition 8 Commercial
The Hippie and the OnStar Girl
Somebody made an awesome roller coaster in Minecraft.
'Wipeout' arcade game recreated with an RC car and lots of cardboard
Masaokis draws a pony
Jealous Turtle
The Homeschool Channel.
Scriabin Etude Op. 8 No. 12
My collection of calculators
The Princess Bride - Behind the fencing scenes
Center Core Never More
Heyyy, there's Jimmy!
Gandalf the Grey of Bel Aire
Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street
Deepwater Horizon Blowout, 60 Minutes
James Randi on the Indian Yogi who doesn't eat or drink
Dog riding on a turtle
My Lai Massacre Documentary
The Human Centipede - Trailer
The Poo Trap
Kevin Richardson: Lion Pride Member
Galactic center of the Milky Way timelapse
Gray Sunset
Press Secretary Gibbs vs Cell Phones During Briefing
See what we did with the Ford today
Another tame raccoon
gallium spoon melts in tea
Pull Ups Potty Dance
Aztec Death Whistles
Ultrasound Billboard Ad
Now Til '69 (Aeroplane Remix)
TNG episode 20 - 'goodnight, sweet BEEP'
Girl with narcolepsy response video, sad and revealing
Friends of Kim - Documentary
Fattest Spider Monkey
Burger King Drive Thru Takeover
Campus police raid the NYU occupation
Southern Girls Rock and Roll
Rise and fall of the Nazi dinosaurs
The Illusion of Reality
David Icke - Vibration Creates Form
Fireworks container tests
Fellow Australians, if you are seeing me now, it means I have been murdered.
Poop Back and Forth. Forever.
Ways of Seeing
'Under the ruler faster than the ruler'
SHARK EATS A DOG- (extremely graphic) R (Not for kids)
Lazytown, with special guest star Lil Jon
Archival footage of fatty jumping (falling) off a van.
Little Big Planet - Duck Hunt map
Cat Gives Dog Head
Earmites of Dogs and Cats
Crackhead Attacks Car
Cocteau Twins play Columbus.
Victor the Budgie: The Bank
Houston Rockets mascot scares mallgoers
Making It Count: How to protect your vote & spot dirty tricks.
Woman punched
G.O.P.P.S.A. #2
Obama's 30 minute campaign ad
Jim's Valveless Pulsejet
Don't let poets lie to you

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