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Grand Theft Auto IV Liberty City Gun Club
04/13/08, 15:51

poeTV now accepts straight gametrailers submissions.
Building Implosion Scares Everyone
03/29/08, 19:39

The cops just abandoned everyone...
Something Awful on Attack of the Show
03/24/08, 05:25

I prefer somethingawful.com
Purring Cheetah
03/17/08, 04:41

I gotta fix that... shitty thing is i was just testing the new hopper code and just spent the last 10 minutes thinking i broke this page not you... bastard.
Filipino Batman
03/17/08, 04:11

Woman Stuck in a Ditch
03/14/08, 02:55

How to get banned on poetv. Keep submitting links with in-jokes as the title.
Heidi Klum Is Amused
02/28/08, 12:33

Was really hoping for a snort laugh at the end, not just bewildered glances.
Skydiver hits bridge at 120mph
02/24/08, 02:55

If it would have shown him hitting the bridge, the video would not have been posted.
Worst Rally Corner Ever
02/20/08, 01:58

The rest of the race is just an excuse for that corner.
A 'Short and Inoffensive' Graduation Prayer, Texas-Style.
02/15/08, 01:32

My 5 stars are for the ending. Call an ambulance and pass the salt, we got shit to do...
02/14/08, 23:51

Fixed and it still fails... god I hate these guys.
Zero Punctuation - Call of Duty 4
02/06/08, 16:12

Good stuff, but I don't get his bitch about the ending. I loved the ending, cheesy as hell, but just what I wanted.
Obama bin Laden shut in responds to POETV!!!
02/06/08, 04:07

We cannot attack the fats? Confused.
Legion of Rock Stars - Mother
01/27/08, 04:00

I posted the original

This is better.
Time Life's Best of Soft Rock
01/27/08, 03:56

Rupert holmes was a real soft rocker's rocker.
Demonius X: Fleshlights and Fat Folds
01/19/08, 12:36

This is not NSFW. NSFW links should not be submitted. Please read the submissions guidelines.

24 Hour Tag
01/05/08, 16:01

Sorry. Embedding disabled by request... the bug on how poeTV handles these has been fixed. These will still be broke for a bit, but new submissions will handle this correctly.
Flight of the Conchords - Angry Dance
01/05/08, 04:43

User profiles now have comment history so we can see idiots like dichoticwarior aren't worth keeping around...

ps. Flight of the Conchords is like an unfunny kid at the party constantly telling you how funny the joke he is about to tell is gong to be.
Ron Hextall vs. Felix Potvin - Hockey Goalie Fight
01/02/08, 05:02

Old time hockey!
Satan is my dark lord and master! ESL
12/31/07, 17:11

Don't worry, we are teaching it to your kids as well.

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