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Ahriman the Creepy Lurker

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Coke Poured on Raw Pork Draws Out Worms
04/08/07, 20:59

Wait, people believed evil pork worms can be exorcised with death cola? Seriously?
Flashback Intro Movie
04/06/07, 16:40

I love this game. I still fire it up every now and then and play it all the way through.
Fox News April Fools Poll Results
04/05/07, 17:02

That silence is the sound of neurons shorting out.
Ralph P!ss, conservative comic.
04/05/07, 12:41

I keep trying, but my mind won't let me watch more than half. This guy is brain poison.
The Kaye Effect
04/01/07, 11:38

Science, why must you be so goddamn awesome?
Carlos Mencia Gets Caught Stealing Material by DJs
03/30/07, 21:28

Man, Ned can't open his mouth without busting himself can he?
Bot fly removal
03/28/07, 19:17

Well, scratch Panama off my list of places to visit.
Thank God I was Raped
03/28/07, 13:48

Dollars to doughnuts that one chick killed her husband.
Frank's Tear-Away-Suit
03/28/07, 13:42

Someone get this man some venture capital!
Peanut butter creationism
03/28/07, 13:09

Well, I'm convinced. Clearly the peanut butter proves that God exists.
Katie Couric interviews John Edwards
03/27/07, 21:05

I think the point is I hate Katie Couric so very fucking much. Am I right?
Ronald McDonald, The hamburger happy clown
03/25/07, 21:22

He's Ronald McDonald, the John Wayne Gacy clown
Kitten Beating Up on Dog
03/22/07, 21:00

Wow, cute kitten set to sounds of people jerking off to Reagan. My mind is blown.
Massengill commercial
03/22/07, 00:44

Hooray for unintentional creepiness!
Trio the Punch game play footage
03/21/07, 14:02

Wait, I thought he killed the pink sheep, and now he gets to play as it? I am confused.
Carols Mencia Stealing From Cosby This Time
03/21/07, 13:05

Fuck you for all eternity, Carlos.
Charles Bukowski - Born Into This
03/21/07, 11:21

I caught this documentary on showtime or one of the other movie channels a while back. I loved it.
CBU-97, copper shooting bomb
03/19/07, 18:57

Jesus, talk about being more mastubatory than informative. Fuck you, show host.
03/14/07, 16:35

A PSA so good, it almost makes me want to become a garbage man.
Kerry Confronts Funder of Swift Boat Smear Campaign
03/02/07, 12:36

Where the hell was this Kerry during the campaign?

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