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B. Weed

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Hopper History
The Haunted Palace (1963) - Trailer
Herman the Ermine
Death Race 2000 - Euthanasia Day
Sesame Street - The Ladybugs' Picnic
Super Bass-O-Matic
The Abominable Dr. Phibes - Opening
Dean Martin sings to Maude Frickert
Musical Office
Kitchen Symphony
Jack Webb and Johnny Carson
They Live! "sunglasses" Part 1
They Live! "sunglasses" Part 2
Moe Howard on Mike Douglas
Now Hear This (1962)
Keepon is big in Japan
Homeless Hare
Gizmo the Fennec
Awww the otter
Four Kittens and a Coca Cola box
They Might Be Giants - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
Vienna Vegetable Orchestra
Alfred Hitchcock's "Psycho" (1960) - Full Film
Fred Schneider - Monster
Kraftwerk - Telefon Anruf
Luciano Pavarotti and the Chieftains - Funiculi, Funicula
Cumming: The Fragrance
UHF - Spatula City
Pooch Plunge 2007 - Pool Dog Dance Party
Greatest Tetris Player Ever
Winston Gets Bathed
Timothy Dalton and Mae West - Love Will Keep Us Together
Horrible CGI Bart Simpson
New Zealand ad for adult video channel.
Anna Russell - The (First) Farewell Concert
H. R. Giger At Work
Scrubs - Box of Kittens
The Pogo Special Birthday Special (1 of 3)
Rathaus Glockenspiel, Munich
Dr Gonzo and Raoul Duke visit Circus Circus
Doe-Me-Doe Duds - The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T (1953)
The Wild Wild West Opening
Shake Ya Boogie
Sesame Street - James Earl Jones counts to 10
Norweigan Wingsuit BASE jumpers
Ferret kit squeaks
Deafula (1975) - Deafula confronts his father
Indian Condom/Safer Sex Ad
Snake-man Scene from Sssssss (1973)
Sleeping sphynx kitten
Cake Walk, 1903
Ron Jeremy's Britney Spears Impression
'I think our kitty is dead.'
Mike Rowe vs. Pig
The Phantom of the Paradise
Anton La Vey and his calliope
French Bulldog Puppies
Six Week Old Corgis
Primal Rage Fatalities
Ferrets at play
Ferret Versus Guitar
Mr. Spooky Plays with the Ferret
Dial M: For Monkey -Rasslor
'A Fistful of Dollars' -- Intro (Opening Credits)
A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Pimhole
A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Hey Jude
A Bit of Fry and Laurie - There Ain't But One Way
Hellzapoppin' Dance Scene
Baby porcupine learns to climb
Dracula vs. Van Helsing - Hammer style
A piano reduction of a Wagner opera
Dracula Meets Betty Boop
Recreating D-Day on the cheap
Black Hula
Dolphins blow and play with bubble rings
Stephen Colbert's 'King of Glory'
The Flight of the Valkyries
Mark Lawson Talks to Stephen Fry
Attenborough - Capercaillie Attack
Hugh Laurie - Little Girl
Myth Busters - Water Heater Rocket
Super Chicken Opening Theme
George of the Jungle intro
Tom Slick opening theme
Jeeves and Wooster sing Minnie the Moocher
Christopher Walken - Delilah
Cat hot spring
Ferrets steal a swiffer
Across the Universe - I Want You/She's So Heavy
Topsy the Elephant is electrocuted
Richard Feynman Plays the Bongos
'Crank Dat/Can't Touch This' as performed by inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention Center
German GE Commerical with Frank Zappa
Viva Obama 2008
The Spanish Dancer
Caracal Licking
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - Opening Credits
Purring Cheetah
A Bit of Fry and Laurie - Michael Jackson

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