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Spider Jerusalem

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The Worst Witch (1986) - Tim Curry's Scene
Inherit the Wind- creationism vs. evolution
4 Year Old Rocks Out to Foreigner
Glowstick the Barbarian
Strip-searched (and worse) at McDonald's
MechWarrior 2 intro
The military industrial complex is AWESOME.
The Teen Wolf Exposer
John Cox for President Music Video
Child Beater
Half-Life: Full Life Consequences
Rhapsody in Blue - Fantasia 2000 (part 1)
Ikiru (To Live)
Idiot With A Match vs Gasoline Vapour
"Cloverfield" Trailer
Jordan vs The peahen
The Tale of Mr. Morton
Chris Ware Animation for "This American Life"
A man rides in on a unicycle and plays a digeridoo for some strangers
"I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey!" anti drug psa
Mother Goose goes Hollywood
Final Fantasy Tactics: Lion War trailer
Clone High - Abe smokes raisins
Don's Guns ad
Bill O'Reilly: Rise of the Machines
Heat Miser vs. Snow Miser
Alitheia: "Hail to the PoErg"
A Valentine for Perfect Strangers
WarioWare Smooth Moves - 9-Volt level (Japanese)
Never Again
Minilogue - hitchhikers choice - short version
A medly of babies vomiting
Nornna - The Night Eeyore Went Crazy
Nornna goes to Burger King
He-man PSA
ICS Trade School
John Safran vs Mormons
The Bishop of Battle
The "Mr. Silent" Interview on WXIN FOX59's Morning News
Woman tasered at a protest
UCLA Taser an Iranian-American 5 times for forgetting his ID
Time Trumpet - Terror
The Playstation Pornable?
Richard Dawkins vs. Ted Haggard
Westboro Church - Smell the Brimstone
Good Day, Mr. Kubrick
Response to Michael J. Fox's Missouri Stem-Cell Ad
Dr. Bronowski on Science and Mankind
The David Zucker Albright Ad
The Wizard of Speed and Time (1983 version)
Street Fighter VR Ride
kiyoshiro and chabo: girl
Hard Copy- Punk gets what's coming to him
Reverend Fred Phelps hates Stewart and Colbert
Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged
Bro Rape
Captain Invincible - Alcohol Serenade
Flying Fish Frenzy
Vader Sessions
Seed of Trivia - Densha Otoko Test Part 2
MST3K "Space Mutiny" Compilation
Maury Povich - Pickle Phobia
Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames
Psycho complains to city about "rogue helicopter pilot"
The Old Negro Space Program
Super Special Street Fighter II Promo Video
The Aquabats- Fashion Zombies
Bananas, proof that God exists
Average Homeboy
Secret Wars Re-enactment
Fallout 2 Intro Movie
Big Trouble at the Center of the Earth
Satanism: Satan's Bloody Teaching
Gitaroo Man - The Flying-O level
Brainie the Poo
A Legendary Tail -Pinky and the Brain
Dr. Worm
Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOUR!
Chi Seen Edition - Gal Dressing On The Train!
Board Room Abuse
Trading Spouses Mom Returns Home
The Japanese N****r Family
Spider vs. Mouse
Zombie Dog Head
Sailor Moon: American Version
Bus Flips, Kids Fly

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