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Black Napkins

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New York's Alright if you like
Picard Shuts Down G'Kar
President Obama's Anger Translator (C-SPAN)
PLANNING YOUR ESCAPE TO BANGKOK - Part 4 Thai Cultural Differences
Professional Cuddler on King 5 Evening Magazine
DATSUN GO fails crash test - zero star safety rating
Ed and His Dead Mother (Full Movie)
Anti-white policies at the National Union of Journalists
Ghost Adventures - Lizzie Borden's House
We're back and it's a whole new New Confederate Army
Kaiju Remedies from Pacific Rim
ENCODE Project
Blowing up a (dead) cow with tannerite.
The Helical Model of the Solar System
Abridged Version of the PS4 Announcement Show
Anti-Gay Homophobic Pastors and Politicians who turn out to be gay
The reindeer from 'Santa Claus' (1959)
Richard Stallman freaks out and has a meltdown
The Immoveable Earth (more Golden Crocoduck nominees)
MST3K Merlin's Shop Of Mystical Wonders
Catnip: Egress to Oblivion?
Let's Pizza: A pizza vending machine
The Master -Teaser Trailer
100 clips from Skate 3
Jim Cornette v. Kenny Bolin - The Great Debate
James Randi: Why I Came Out at Age 81
PETA - Boyfriend Went Vegan
Toddlers and Tiaras: Three Year Old Hooker Dressup!
Garry Shandling's Show Theme Song
Rick Perry can't remember what agencies of government he wants to abolish
GameCenter CX - Episode 43 - S.O.S.
They Fell For My Hoax Video
Tom Waits invites you to a private listening party for his new album
From Universe to Multiverse
Alex Jones: DMT elves want the elites to kill us all!
Battlefield Earth-Bartender Scene
MST3K: Outlaw of Gor
Making High-Fructose Corn Syrup at Home from 'King Corn'
Flying Rainbow Pop Tart Cat
TwIzTiDAsH & BoXeRLiFe JugGaLo Pr0nz!!!!
Giant whirlpool in Japan after earthquake and tsunami
Glenspeed You! Beck Emperor
Glenn Beck on Egypt, January 31 2011
The 2010 Golden Crocoduck Awards
Some of my best friends are atheists!
African American man hoses off white woman that called him ni**er
Super Mario 64 in 5:28.97 (0 stars)
Christopher Hitchens interviewed by Anderson Cooper.
The Arrival!
Sleeping with Hinako
How to Draw a Cartoon Truck
Creepiest ice cream truck ever
The Darkroom (1/8)
Cute little girl loves murder.
Mazinger Z Intro (Japanese)
Dan Aykroyd talks with Larry King about aliens
A Japanese TV segment on Maru, in English
Pizza rolls challenge in reverse
Chis-chan attempts parkour
ARES I-X Test Flight
Popping the Question With Super Mario World
Jesus Christ Bail Bonds
Avatar - Trailer (2009)
Smart Car Monster Truck
Ichiro Laser
100 Days of 'Fair & Balanced'
Doctor Who home made anime progress footage
Dolphin works out fluid dynamics
Doctor Who - A Trek Through Time
Five Years of Earthquakes
A dog's life in China
Alpha Centauri: The Cloning Vats
Fat Man endorses Barack Obama
Jack Van Impe on Foreign Policy
Dawn Whitman
The Age Of The Milquetoast: A Critique Of Tolerance
Obama Ad: Seven
Attention Ayn Rand Haters
Kid knocked out by 7 pound dildo.
Two-Faced Kitten Born In Ohio
The Giant Spider Invasion trailer (1975)
Not Alex
TOP 10 Crosswind and Scary Aircraft Landings
Mom Punishes Kids With Public Humiliation
Pee Wee in 'Cheech & Chong's Next Movie'
I can't believe it's not butter.....spray.
Cold Steel's Sword Proof Promo Vid - Zweihander Test Cutting
Best porn intro ever!
Extreme Ghostbusters
F*** the Earth Day
Heavy Metal Dog
Idiot sticks foil-wrapped dong in socket
Lonesome Cowboy Bert
Kitten vs. Fake Kitten
12:01 PM
Bill Hicks Interview on BBC2 (1992)
Methhead Camwhore has a meltdown because of Rick Astley
Abdullah the Butcher's Battle Scars

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