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That's Life
08/28/08, 11:46

hell yeah. love me some killer mike.
Husband makes his son record a brutal attack on his mother
01/01/08, 08:30

I'm nicer than that guy.
Assassin's Creed Trailer
11/06/07, 09:43

been looking forward to this game for awhile. should be fun.
Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You
09/07/07, 12:40

I dunno. I still have this CD and I can't remember a single other song on it well enough to bother putting it in. This one is good, though.
Pavarotti and James Brown - It's a Man's World
09/07/07, 12:32

One of the best versions ever of one of the best songs ever. God damn.
"Strange Fruit" - Billie Holliday
09/07/07, 12:25

No one else should ever be allowed to sing this song. Gives me chills every time I hear it.
Talking Heads - Burning Down the House
08/10/07, 08:25

One of the few popular bands of that era that still hold up years later. Good stuff.
David Sedaris on Letterman
08/03/07, 12:34

Generally I adore this gay little fellow but meh.
Jake Brown X Games
08/03/07, 12:29

Worst thing I've ever seen happen watching a live sporting event. Incredibly he actually got up and walked away from this. After about ten minutes. He got second in the Big Air competition.
Kevin Smith fights back
08/03/07, 12:17

I like Kevin Smith.
Spoon - I Turn My Camera On
07/30/07, 10:25

I am immune to the charms of a yellow blob with googly eyes. Excellent song, though.
Top Gun Explained
07/30/07, 10:08

You gay people can try to ruin everything good and pure in the world by making it gay but nothing you can do will ever make Top Gun anything but pure balls to the wall heterosexual rock and roll fun.
Office gesture
07/24/07, 11:44

Irreversible - The Fire Extinguisher Scene
07/19/07, 11:14

The two violent scenes in this film were more disturbing on every level than anything in the current slew of forgettable torture porn flicks.
Wizard People Dear Reader: H.P. And Ronnie The Bear Vs. A Troll
07/12/07, 11:59

I didn't know anything so wonderful could even exist. Truly we live in a golden age.
Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black (1966)
07/11/07, 13:35

I hate them so much now that my hate is retroactive to back when they were young and didn't suck.
Patton Oswalt on old women giving birth
07/10/07, 02:19

That little fat man is hilarious. Thank you so much.
Macho Man Randy Savage on the Arsenio Hall Show
07/09/07, 09:32

I miss being 9 years old.

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