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Russian AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun!!!
Courtney Stodden - Car Candy
The Other ONN Autistic Reporter Vid.
Autistic Reporter: Train Unharmed In Crash That Kills One Man
Axe Cop - Live action movie
Knee 3
Girl in a hallway
Aspergerīs High
Death Camp Kids at the Rainbow Gathering
Frank Zappa - St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast / Rollo (SNL, 1978)
Russia in 15 seconds
Been Had Polo
Joe Biden's response to Joe Barton's comments.
Four minutes of low speed car crashes in China.
Kid Gets Tooth Pulled With A Rocket
Chimp Rapes a Frog
Top Gear - Audi R8 V10 vs Corvette ZR1
Bad Lieutenant: His Soul is Still Dancing
Adam & Eve
Sacagawea dollar unveiled
I Am A Motherfu**er - a documentary about the Epic Beard Man
Stephen Fry goes to a college football game
Douchebag Auditions for American Idol
god among men builds rocket launchers for his motorcycle
Wielding Gavel, Franken Shuts Lieberman Up
Penn Jillette and John Stossel on Glenn Beck
Tom Tancredo walks off-set mid-interview
DC Council Hearing on Gay Marriage Bill -- Final Witness
Heene Neighbor Fights With Media
Disgruntled_Goat is angry about Halo3 ads
Letterman Confession
This is what the British seem to like.
Turkeys Attack Indian People
Go see the doctor
A Glorious Dawn - Cosmos remixed
Glenn Gould plays J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations (1981)
Buzz Lightyear on the International Space Station
Shine on you crazy russian diamond
Kayne West interrupting the President's Speech on Healthcare
George Brett Auto-Tuned
HATCHERY HORRORS: Baby Male Chicks Are Ground Alive!!?!
Butt Out
Classic 80s hits as ragtime
Shatner reads the Palin resignation speech
Grand Canyon carved by floodwater - debunked.
The Simpsons-Calling from a mental institute
World of Crashes - TF2 Style
Autotune The News #5
Hector Avalos: How Archaeology Killed Biblical History
Lawyer Destroyed on 'the People's Court'
Ass Burgers: The Movie
Mother of All Funk Chords
5 Reasons Why Atheism and Liberalism are HORRIBLE Ideas
What's That Elephant Doing to That Other Elephant?!
The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
Allison is Walking on Sunshine!
A Japanese Woman Staring At You For One Minute
Bill Hicks yells at a heckler
Black Hole? I Think You Mean White Hole
Wrong answer on Cash Cab
Stupid 18-year old gets caught meeting some guy on Myspace
Student Presents Her Architecture To Famed Professors
Yellow Drum Machine
Tourettes Camp (Full Documentary)
Comedian Bashes Fox News on Air
The secret life of Brian (Part 4)
Australian Priest Goes Berserk Against Skaters
Blade Runner - The speech
Yorkshire Airlines
Dustin Diamond gets chewed out
Women, Know Your Limits (resubmit)
Sarah Goldberg on American Idol
CNN airs portions of Du'a Khalil Aswad's stoning
Christopher Hitchens Eulogizes Jerry Falwell
FOX News' Kurt Vonnegut Obituary
Chipmunk eating a mouse's brains
Yakety Sax Crip Walk
Robot Humps
Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance

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