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TVtropes posters discuss their bizarre fetishes
Chris-chan attempted to join a message board dedicated to trolling him
Kitten Riding On A Turtle
Rise of the Triad - The Bad Ending
A Brief History of the Future
phone video of Moscow airport bombing destruction
Judge rules that white girl will be tried as a black adult
Box full of cat drugs
Jack Lalanne and his thoughts on unhappy people
The Office (US) - Toby Goes to Church
'Best Ski Crash In History'
Firecracker explosion in ultra slow motion
Duke Nukem Forever (2011) trailer
Japanese McDonalds Spongebob ad
Minecraft + Kinect
Little girl is not happy about getting her eyebrows waxed for a child beauty pageant.
Something awesome happens in a parking garage
Sorry Film Not Ready
Radio show host is going to be a big tough guy and sue people!
Neverending Story III- All Jack Black scenes
Teams of quadrotors autonomously build doozer structures.
He's On Crack
Dramatic reading of a game review
I am a Painting Faggot
Many small boxes and Maru 2
3D with no glasses
Neverending Story III - The Rock Biter Goes for a Ride!
Canoeing Through McDonalds
Duck Racing Game in Shenmue II
Apparently masked youtube music is A Thing in Japan
Over 2 million Miles Per Hour in reverse in Big Rigs
Minecraft - Tetris theme made with music blocks
Japanese Supermarket Adventure
Supremacy MMA trailer
Weightless Cats
A crying baby appears!
PUA Gunwitch - Allen Reyes - a few weeks before he shot a girl in the face
Star Wars Uncut - Scene 113 - 'Hello there'
EXTRA: Mass Bird Die-off Caused by Gays!
The Perfect Crime
Rotating Dog Wearing a Vest
How to Control a Girl's Mind
Birther Interrupts Reading Of Constitution
Weird Al presents: The Eternal Question
'The Torture Room'
the citizens videos were confiscated.
The Whitest Kids U Know - Boner Song
Stroke Guy Reviews Revenge of the Sith
Peter Chung - Checkers/Rally's Cheese Double Cheese commercial
Playing World of Warcraft with a Kinect
Intense Mega Man Battle
Duane ' Dog ' Chapman's racist rant caught on tape
CNN Bizarro Wikileaks Debate
Simpsons: Return of the Soviet Union
Francis E. Dec. Esq. 'TO ALL JUDGES!!'
A Capella One Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII
pi4 workerbot demo at VISION 2010
Chinese Game Commercial
Black Metal Babysitting
Rasputin speaks!
Satan attacks Rod Parsley's ministry two years in a row.
Barney Frank Reveals his Radical Homosexul Agenda
Watch out for Burt Reynolds
Venetian Blinds (Atari 2600) on Microsoft Game Room
Retsupurae - the most shameful thing in the world.
The best post-wrestling match interview ever
Actor injured during Spider-Man musical
Cheats in real life
Compilation of Cars Taking Illegal Lefts In Front Of Light Rail Trains
Scrooged - eyeball scene
The Cinco Privacy Helmet
Super Mario Bros - Castle Theme Metal Remix
Explodey the Pup in Ren Höek's 'I like Pink'
Darkstalkers 3 - Jedah's ending
Ernor Episode 1
A Christian testimony on how Christianity cures insanity.
The secret to the levitating Yogi trick
Now THIS is a scarecrow!
Female hosts doing Cloverleaf MK ULTRA
Mass Effect 3 - Debut Trailer
The least effective commercial I have ever seen.
Fresh Step Commercial Ft. Maru
Tyra Banks gives audience a surprise
Live Action Ninja Turtles
You Got Fiddled
Casual's Alpha Tip of the Day
Poppin Enemies Heads!!!
Blazing Saddles - Toll Booth
Die Hard 12: Die Hungry
Drugs, an injured man, a house burning
Listen kid, there are two things you don't know about the Earth
Chunk Singing Prince's 'Baby I'm a Star'
Mameshiba - Trash Bean
SCTV: 5 Neat Guys GOLD!

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