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Robin Kestrel

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Reggie Watts spontaneously creates a musical masterpiece on Conan
Onboard a water rocket
How To Snakes
Paul Simon invites fan on stage to play a song with him.
Cindy Und Bert - Der Hund Von Baskerville
A fan runs out onto the baseball field and...
5 Second Flims - High Noon
Racist and very confusing Thai ad
Super Nintendo Chalmers
William Shatner 'Sabataage'
Islam Deserves No First Amendment Protections
The environment is your enemy.
Rand Paul Equates Universal Health Care And Slavery
Patrice O'Neal: How To Tell How Pretty A White Woman Is
Pro-Segregation Riots Draw Federal Troops in 1957
Reba Schappell - The Fear of Being Alone
Pendulum Waves
I am your grandma.
Demonius X Digital Sculpture
roll cloud
MST3K - Earth Vs. Soup
Zero Punctuation: Portal 2
The Baby Bullet System
The Centaurs (1921)
Dewey On Religion
Judge Judy: Incredibly Stupid Defendant Loses Case
King of the Hill - 'Are you Chinese or Japanese?'
Ching Chong! Asians in the Library Song
Cat wants a box opened
Kids in the Hall - Puppy won't do tricks
Poor mothering skills, but she should be nominated for sainthood nonetheless
Thames TV Ident - 1970s
Crane accident, russian style
Little Girl plays with a Squirrell
(Cat's crash test) Краштест (Жес&#
Japanese TV investigates fake eggs in China
Tina Fey talks about her facial scar.
Portugalnomics: Ep. 1
The Thing - Bennings Infection Scene
The Bad Seed
Crane accidentally drops crane
Urban Survival Vest for when the SHTF
Crane slowly goes out of control
Hungry kittens
How not to put a boat in the water
Little Black Boy
Coinstar Sucks
Should've Known Better - Richard Marx (Living Room Sessions)
The Troll Hunter - trailer
Jovan Sex Appeal cologne commercial
Sealab - Predator
Snowmobile Crash Down Mountain
For The Record: CPA Birther
Dog tries to play fetch with a stranger
Still Alive
Wannabe Gangsta Shooting Dad's AK 47 in Bedroom
Elvis Meets The Spider People From Hell
Autistic Reporter: Train Unharmed In Crash That Kills One Man
Lil B - Ellen Degeners
911 call of kid set on fire by bullies
Ratatouille (Drum'n'Bass)
Neat trick with 5 metronomes
My favorite reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden
How to Hide an Erection
Soldier's hat shot off
Osama Bin Laden's Final Video
Obama cryptically warns Osama bin Laden of his approaching doom.
Seth Meyers WH Correspondents Dinner: Part 2
Electric Dog Collar
Seth Meyers WH Correspondents Dinner: Part 1
Adrienne Barbeau does all her own stunts
Bizarre Asian Sex Machine (nsfw)
Obama on Trump
30 hits of acid
DC Talk was Amazing
Cow Eats a Heron
Jersey Shore gone Wilde
Catacomb Abyss
The Cat, which occupies the bed.
Wannabe Rapper Passes Out After 1 Hit
Obama speaks on releasing his birth certificate.
Norm MacDonald - 'Me Doing Stand-Up'
Sinking A Floating Fire Ant Raft
Chrysler's commercial about how awful Detroit is.
Talk about Sex
San Antone - Clever, Obscene (for 1962), kind of Racist/Sexist, charming Vintage Cajun Swamp pop
Hail the Swastika
Cookie the Little Penguin
Rapmaster 2000
Mitchell and Webb - Pet Hospital
The Critic - Ronald Reagan
Cop gently teaches slow driver how lanes work.
Ham Face Girl
NASA Overestimated Internet
Roy's Food Repair
The pollen count is high

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