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Robin Kestrel

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The Irish Economy, as described by an Actual Irishman
A man jumps through the window of a skyscraper without a parachute while on fire.
Russian security guards doing their thing.
Excitement growing among Beatles fans for Paul McCartney's funeral
Authentic Frontier Gibberish
Jack Black as Green Lantern
'Smells Like Teen Spirit' reimagined as a J-Pop Love Ballad
This ad is trying to sell you something
The Simpsons vs Fox News Breakdown (CGI)
Wheelchair bound woman from Oklahoma strips down for TSA
Alan Bennett gives some advice
Perverted Justice owner Xavier Von Erck confronted
To Catch a Predator - Murphy, Texas
Optical Camouflage Demo with Kinect
Here's a cat hugging a teddy bear
1920s Reporter 'Scoops Callahan' Asks Athletes Questions
Ducks blown off their feet by the wind
The Beatles , She Loves You (Bass cover by LB)
AC/DC, Thunderstruck (electric guitar cover by LB)
TOBACCO - Super Gum
iWobble app demo
Goodfellas - Pistol Whippin'
An Editorial, by Fred From Scooby-Doo
Robert Crumb's 'A Short History of America'
Annoying Kid vs. Lizard
The Sting - Poker Game
Christopher Walken's best line in 'The Country Bears'
viking cat in the snow
Glide 2
My favorite actor? Kevin Bacon, obviously.
Norman McLaren - A Phantasy
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - Nooooo
Sleeping fat kid + air horn
Cricket has a lot to say
French Bulldog versus doorstop.
Bernie Sanders (I-VT) talks about the Republican Senate strategy
Cricket the Kitty
A wolverine steals a kill from two wolves
Leslie Nielsen Shills Cell Phones in Amsterdam
Leslie Nielsen is kind of a jerk.
Penguins Chase Light
Just Like Me
Jiz - It Gets Worse
Cat catches bird.
Tim and Eric: Cat Film Festival
'AGM Heartland' - The New Neill Blomkamp Project
Warrant 1-900 number commercial
Italian/Brooklyn man asks me out
Harold & Kumar: business hippie
Animated Palin news
Top Gear - The Reliant Robin
Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight
Celestial Time Lapse Over Canary Islands
Bruiser - Olivia - Nurse
Palin: 'Obviously, We've Got To Stand With Our North Korean Allies'
Homemade Turkey Fryer
The Incredible Melting Man - Nurse Terror
All in the Family - Archie Joins the Ku Klux Klan
3D Hologram sells out stadiums...
Screaming Horror @ 2:17
Gargage Fire
Rattlesnake Den Inside Scottsdale Garage
Big Mirror Melts Rocks
That Mitchell and Webb Sound Welcome to Hufflepuff
Grayson: What Republicans Can Do With Their Tax Cuts For The Rich
The Simpsons - Milhouse plays Frisbee for ten minutes
Morning News Waits and Waits for a Bridge to Collapse
Secret Kitten
Obama Introduces High-Speed Bus Plan for Nation
Vincent Price On Racism And Religious Prejudice
Fox News Pundits Attack Sarah Palin During Commercial Break
Your Highness - trailer
Cornell Professor Outbursts at a Student's 'Overly Loud' Yawn
Change'2 second orbit trim maneuver
60s Soviet Ukranian TV weirdness
How To Talk To Your Kids About Star Wars
Alternate payment plan for Parkway Christian school
TSA's enhanced security spurs US 'airport rage'
Russia in 15 seconds
Serious Injury is Fun!
How to Confront a Bear
Realtime 3D image capture with Kinect
Truly mind-expanding Nirvana cover by Jesse Stutsman
TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint
Aliens shot down California missile
Minecraft - Him
Kids in the Hall - On the Subject of Me
It is bitten by the crocodile of sharp fangs.
Soviet era digital photo manipulation 1987
Bush Lover Versus Skater
Colleen Thomas explains 'missile' in California and other important information
That weird kid sings 'Down on Me'
Power Plant Smokestack Demolition Goes Awry
Minecraft LARP
Alexis Courage

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