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Robin Kestrel

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NMAtv: Santorum on satan
Mind-altering KNBC sign-off
Acrobat Girl Walking Down the Street
Best Liquid-Plumr commercial ever
National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation: Changin 500!
Helicopter Falls Apart
Santorum: Obama 'A Snob' For Wanting Everyone To Go To College
Rondle McFondle
A parrot and its homunculi
Children at the Wheel
DS9 meet 60's Klingons
The Dark Room
Liberals sure do love to see babies die
Awkward Kristen
A cat goes through a cat door.
Idiot rollerblader almost dies
The Simpsons: They have the Internet on computers now
Sit On You - Backwards!
Moving World Deception: The Earth is Not Rotating
Girl Scouts promote Homosexual Lifestyles & Abortion.
GTA4 - Friction: In a Heartbeat
cop fucking murders an unarmed woman (don't delete this, support!)
Lucky Snowboarder
Wingsuit Basejumping
Rick Santorum on Science and the Environment
The Omega Man (1971) - Neville's plague ghoul neighbors discuss him
Shithoused Kung-Fu Master
Central Institute of Technology: It's a Snap!
The Drug Avengers
Bear cub and Wolf cub bff
Festival Tent Removal
the Simpsons / Batman / scientist gag
A few scenes from the movie Snake Girl
How to turn off a crappy lawnmower
Innocent Gibbon of Peace Wants To Kick Your Ass
Solar Activity
The Help: The Musical
The Purity Bear: Dinner Date
Pipi Max
shove the fucking ipad up your motherfucking arse you motherfucking fucking fuck
Tiny Drum Solo
Self Leveling Gyroscopic Pool Table
Kid wins contest
New Ron Paul Campaign Ad
Andrew Breitbart loses his poo-poo in front of CPAC protestors.
Drunk Preacher's Easter Sermon
Speedy Gonzales sings about marijuana
Meanwhile, in Norway
Motorcycle jump goes wrong at Shrine Circus
5 Second Films - Cooking with Crazy
Cop grabs a protester
Kinetic sculpture continues to be neat.
President Obama and the Marshmallow Cannon
Another crap 90's invention
the casual slide
blob of tubifex worms on a plate
BBC Tracks Down Internet Troll
Pete Hoekstra's Racist campaign Ad During Super Bowl. Guess the party affiliation.
many, many ducks
More tilt-lens awesomeness
Russian Kid Makes Poor Choices
Mitt Romney Hates Old People, Still Wins Florida
I will show you why I like Ron Paul....
Lockheed Air and Missle Defense Radar
Police Taser Neck Beard at Occupy DC
NATURE| Raven playing in snow.
Just Released: New Footage of Japan Tsunami
Honda's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl Commercial
Muppets Strike Back at Fox News
Christian Video on Pleasuring God w/Your Mouth
The Return of Don't Put That in the Microwave
Iron Horse - Fuel - Metallica Bluegrass Cover
what is a strandbeest?
Train Simulator 2012
Newt's Open Marriage, Rick Perry Drops Out, Mitt's Rich: CNN South Carolina Debate
The Masochist Masculist
Rick Santorum hates higher learning
DOS - Nascar 95
A comfortable ride on a Russian bus
Antinatalism compilation video
Louis C.K. in another therapy session
Callista Gingrich discusses the importance of American Exceptionalism
Meet The Delusional Thorsten Heins CEO of RIM
Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie Pledge
Nakamura Hits Free Kick Into A Moving Bus
How to Date a Gamer Girl
Karl Rove: Let's Get This Done
Cars + Snow + Utah
20/20 Piece on Power Rangers
I Cut My Hair!!!
'Drops of Jupiter' self duet
Idiots inflate a hot air ballon with the words 'RON PAUL' written on the side.
Happy Days XXX Intro
Santorum ad - REBELLION
DeForest Kelley's favorite fan letter

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