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Robin Kestrel

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Slave Leia PSA starring Kaley Cuoco
British police murder whistleblower
Herman Cain Defends Banning of Mosques
Anderson Cooper thinks you should be less judgmental.
Saruman is a dick
Time lapse of the Hurtigruten sea passage
Stephen Fry lays down some facts on the American prison system
Fleet Commander - Multiuser Strategy Game
Oklahoma woman attacked...
Impressive Russian balalaika playing.
Guitar Oscillations Captured with iPhone
Fox and Friends covers News of the World hacking scandal
Billy Jean on the Uke
AOL Commercial from 1999
White Women You Have Been Warned!
Australian Today Show Segment Gets Awkward
Old Trapper Keeper Commercial
Mercury attacks Aluminum
Troy McClure and Dr. Nick - The Juice Loosener
I just f'ing shot myself
Hemispherical Gimbaled Wheel Drive System
Inuit Throat Singing
Bootleg fireworks: The Agony and Ecstasy.
Shocking illusion - Pretty girls turn ugly!
George Carlin - You Have No Rights
Old Man Goes Apeshit Over Casey Anthony Verdict
PCP Bronx Flash
chain reaction
Lady of the Left Hand Path
A good day for a hit and run.
A tribute to Terminator 2
Zero Punctuatiom - Alice: Madness Returns
Coming to a theater near you
Shoenice22 eats a tube of painters caulk in under a minute
George Carlin - Flamethrowers
Thefoodreviewer - Ellios Cheese Pizza
Salvia freakout
Fireworks Outlet Ad
A scene from Transformers 3 is a scene from The Island with a robot CGI'd in
The land's preeminent legal commentator, Nancy Grace, declares that the Devil is Dancing
Gambling Cat
Soapstone in Rio - Periodic Table of Videos
WikiLeaks' MasterCard Commercial Parody
How to Deep Fry Chicken breasts in the trunk of a Pontiac Grand Prix Rental Car
And there ain't no flag!
My cat stares at a fly for almost 8 minutes
Something goes wrong in The Sims 3
Michelle Bachmann's Husband Doesn't Like Gays
Keith Olbermann eulogizes the Glenn Beck Show
Oblivion: Giant Mud Crab Fight
Self-Defense Illegal In NC Town
Harmonica prodigy
Exhausted Maru
'The Matrix' Lobby Scene with Human Sound Effects
Mud crab cooking incident!!
Zero Punctuation: The Witcher 2
Fastest Driven Lap of Manhattan
Thoughts on hairspray.
14 views third day of fire works show not 10 view it 14 views
Peep Show - Super Hans twins
Michele Bachmann's Story of America
Glee 'R' word PSA
Dead Raccoon Puppet
Rollercoaster Safety with Patrick Warburton
Mom's Burnout Goes Wrong
Trailer for 2012: Ice Age
First World Problems
Crawling Snail Tape Measures
Kitten in the trap!
Police Handle a Wheelchair Bound Man by Throwing Him Onto the Ground
Tracy Jordan sure enjoys his cornbread.
Diet Coke + Mentos FAIL
Courtney Stodden - Cyber Bullies & Cyber Victims PSA
Journalist Arrested for Filming Public Meeting
Glenn Beck supports the Onion's bid for a Pulitzer
Greg Duva: Fast Blues
Courtney Stodden - Don't put it on me
Hang on, Woody!
Southwest pilot and a stuck microphone
Jamboni Brothers Pizza
Jodie Foster is Gay
Reggie Watts on Conan O'Brien, performing 'Big Ass Purse'
Zero Punctuation - Duke Nukem Forever (for real this time)
LSD-Nikolaus @ SonneMondSterne 09
WATCH BEFORE IT'S PULLED - Scientology execs sing 'We Stand Tall'
Douglas Wilson on Circular Reasoning
Bankrupt By Beanies
Rifftrax - Santa Claus and the Ice Cream Bunny clips
Winston snores like a human
Life in the Undergrowth - Bolas Spider
superior 'Fata Morgana' mirage
Pastrana 2011 X Games Livery Launch
Tom Hanks wants The Onion to win a Pulitzer
World record Mario jump is a fake!
Paul Heyman interview
Meanwhile, in Belgium...
'Ringo Starr''s daughter

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