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Robin Kestrel

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GOP Rep. John Flemming Whines About Making $400K
RSU Recap of the CNN Tea Party Debate
NY cops wilding out on Labor Day, 2011
disquieting scene from Dead End (2003)
bird is a total dick to a turtle
'I can appreciate that!'
When Penguins Attack
Black guy sings Chinese Communist tunes
Hey, Gaijin! Remember your place!
Russian car crashes compilation
Eyewitness video from Reno Air Race disaster
Bees turned house into hive
South African Politician Destroys Chair
Mitchell and Webb - The Evil Vicar
Anti-Coning McDonalds Manager
Removing and Replacing my prosthetic eye
Baby gorilla in a bath tub.
5 Second Films - Late for Work (Special Edition)
John Valby tackles the sensitive issue of race.
Nobody calls Dugan a turd!
Charles Bukowski in Supervan (borderline NSFW)
Man entering 'The People's Court' shows compassion for the disabled
5sf - Death Ray from Space (Special Edition)
'I'm pooping.'
Simple Italian Omelette
Tosin Abasi shows off his custom 8-string guitar
Eyes Without a Face - Face Removal
Sausage Automaton
When buildings collapse
The Gear Cube
And I Told Our Players
Ron Paul, on sick people without insurance
Risking Your Life Under Sea Ice For Shellfish
Far Too Much Current !!
The Telephone Book (1971) Obscene Phone Caller Confession
MaxTall shoe inserts
British police state
Kid faints on Sunrise
Sammy Davis Jr. impersonates other singers
Foul Lady
Innovation at its finest
Swedish Drunkard Moose climbs tree
'He Carried Yellow Flowers'
Giant Fire Shooting Steampunk Octopus
There is only once correct way to erase a CD
Zombie Flanders
Common sense doesn't work no more
Big nipple guy
Peppridge Farm Remembers
New Drug named 'Bathsalts' really messes you up
Japanese man runs through 70 fluorescent light bulbs
The Ultimate Trick
GOP 2012: a Few Things to Know About Rick Perry
Classic 1990s Internet Ad
College football coach has an important anecdote for his players
Polar bear attacks woman
Dog Gets Beer
Ron Paul to Obama: Don't Assassinate American Citizens!
Crowd at Republican debate cheers for executions
Moscow Puts On Totally Awesome Light Show
baby skunks
1954 How to dial your phone by Bell System
The tiniest of wolves
The Ecstasy of Au(gmentation)
F For Fake (1974)
Teacher Drops the N-bomb
World's Shortest Train
Cold Steel - City Stick
Local News Arachnophobia
Google Loves Freddie Mercury
Japanese 'Octopus balls' candy
Poopdeck Pappy
Glenn Greenwald at FAIR's 25th anniversary
Cute Puppy Really Wants To Say Hello
incredibly stupid quadruple nutshot
Douchebag (PBUH) defeats science with a chicken.
The Murder of Fred Hampton (1971)
Amish man caught attempting to have sex with 12 year old. Shows up in horse and buggy
Modernist Cuisine trailer
Puppy vs. Ice
The Cat Assassin
Double Slit Experiment in Minecraft
Man defends his liberty with an AK47
Coffee Jerks
Motorcyclist Makes a Lucky Escape
Man shot and killed by street Gang
Hick cop acts like a child when he's told he needs a warrant
New Emperor and Vader dialogue changes in Return of the Jedi
Bully Cat Stuffs Another Cat In Box
The Incredibles - Buttons and Doors
Rick Santorum Penn State Q&A, Tuesday, Aug 30, 2011
Fire truck loses a tire
Skier loses footing, falls off cliff
Prisoner attempts to swim to freedom
How To Make an Omelet
American terrorizes people on Korean bus
1978 Hair Man Commercial

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