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Robin Kestrel

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The Fifth Element: DNA
Door Stopper
Freaky Eaters: addicted to cheesy potatoes
Death Revealer
Drunkards kittens
3 Minute Netforce
How TV Ruined Your Life - Aspirational Programming
Man does the Pentacostal Shimmy
'Weird Al' Yankovic Goes Digital
The Simpsons - Scotchtoberfest
Mr. Burns' Messages
Doctor Christian Jessen tells a story
Modern doom-based parenting technique
A scene from Attack of the Sabretooth (2005)
Hey, you dropped my gun in the dirt...
The Shortest Video on Youtube
Karl Pilkington vs 'A Down's Syndrome Kid'
DHS PSA - The Drop-Off
More fun with the flaming nutshot people.
Venom Speaks A Brief Opinion About Satanists
Wikileaks - Ethan McCord
This is just... there are no words.
Freddy Kreuger Glove Review
Kitty, your plan of escape is flawed!
Coppercab's grandma makes an appeal to hackers
The Worst Guns N' Roses' Cover Ever
Flaming Foot Nut Kick
12 Year Old Sentenced to 30 Years in Adult Prison
Horsefly on a leash.
Ninja Golf - Atari 7800
A BBC News 24 presenter demonstrates...
Best head first slide in baseball history
TV tricks of the trade -- Quotes and cutaways
Eugene Mirman - Canada
5 Second Films - Real Estate
Manchester Police serve up some cold hard justice.
The Simplest Motor in the World
Atheist arguments DESTROYED
5 Second Films - Zombie Bite
Kanye West trips during concert
The Whites Have Become Black
Proof that God hates country music
Malcolm McDowell Struggles to say something positive about his newest film.
The Slobstopper
Lady quarrels with store security.
The strange cult of the Gaijin Tarento
Portal 2 - Wheatley Puppet
Ron Paul 'We Just Plain Don't Mind Our Own Business!'
Michele Bachmann on being submissive
Zero Punctuation - Bastion and From Dust
Alpha Chimp Demo
The Blarney Stone
Total Recall is no longer confined to the realm of science fiction with mind vacations.
Francis is not happy with Diablo 3's Online-only requirement
One-Man indoor NASCAR
Ray's Last Jump
La Toya Jackson has a phobia.
How To Pronounce Penis
Backwards Rappers
Solomon Grundy Want Pants, Too!
Barney Frank Farts On Live Television
The Simpsons - The Dog Is Barking
Sister Rosetta Tharpe ca. 1941 'The Lonesome Road'
NonStampCollector - Noah's Ark
Truly extraordinary speech by fearless Black Woman in face of Hackney rioters
Fat man with thumb-shaped head makes video response to an article from The Onion
Bowie on Dick Cavett
Chinese Bluegrass
Cyberbully - Can't Get the Cap Off
the power of friction
Handsome Pete
WOUB Signoff tape 1977
'Banned' Urban Lunchablez Commercial
Salsa Shark
HBO Promos from 1983
Vincent Price Tilex commercial
Rick Perry: Pray against taxes
Electric Larry and the magical cocaine briefcase - Get Crazy
2D Photography Rube Goldberg Device
The Gauss Christmath Special
Stay Alive board game
GTA IV car physics tomfoolery
Baboon adopts bush baby
Russians brawl at an aquarium
Dude, you just got owned by Matt Damon
Obsessives: Pizza
I'm a Stupid Cat!
'The Wall' Originally by Pink Floyd (performed by Mariachi Cabos)
Cat does a thing
Black Man Experiences Racism in Houston Community
Gay People Cannot Be Role Models
We love Russia Montage
Ronald Reagan on atheism
Moving in S. Korea
elmo has a mishap
GTA: San Andreas gameplay

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