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Robin Kestrel

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It is early but we may already have our father of the year
The Simpsons - Lemon Party
Attenborough: The Real Twilight Zone
Ricky Gervais: Atheism Shouldn't Offend - CNN
Minecraft + Kinect
Commercial for Jesus Hates Obama dot com
Cats playing patty-cake
Golden Retriever Playing with Fawn
Lioness shows trust in man with her newborn cubs
Joker As Elmo As Smeagol
Hawaii 5-0 - Steve McGarrett confronts Big Chicken
Battle of the Bods - Chest Ranking
Easiest Armbar in MMA History
Laser-guided turkeys
5 Second Films: Ask a Lobster
Kevin and Ann Mock Each Other on the Playground
Surface Detail
The Ten - 'Thou Shalt Not Cover Thy Neighbor's Goods'
Little girl is not happy about getting her eyebrows waxed for a child beauty pageant.
Police in Tunisia savagely beat Swedish boar hunters.
Easy Nerf Maverick Hack
Privilege Gym ad (with subtitles)
Play me at GameCrush.com! (Mildly NSFW)
Daily Show: Run RNC
Jay does Buffalo Bill to Goodbye Horses
Ex-marine with metal hands wants to be UFC champion
The Battle Hymn of Sarah Palin
Val Kilmer is Marlon Brando as Dr. Moreau
The Nic Cage Song
Radio show host is going to be a big tough guy and sue people!
I am a Painting Faggot
Many small boxes and Maru 2
Redlettermedia Announcement to the Youtubes
A history of God.
Vibrating Cell Phones Fight
How to Win a Talent Show in the Philippines
Salt in the Wound (Beck NEScover)
FOX NEWS - Earth's Rotation Changes Zodiac Signs
The Mysterians
Over 2 million Miles Per Hour in reverse in Big Rigs
Minecraft - Tetris theme made with music blocks
Newhart - 'World's Smallest Horse'
girl falls into fountain while texting
Baby Elephant playing on the beach
GYCW - Five of the Worst Games Ever (Don't Buy This)
More Portal 2 Footage
Skiing down Mount Everest
Tea Party Founder embarrasses himself on cable tv
I Love You, Man - Slappa Da Bass
Weightless Cats
Never ever fall asleep on the NYC subway
A crying baby appears!
King's Quest 1-7 death speed-runs
Not sure he saw the glass
Rather fast delta robot
The History of American Taxes
EXTRA: Mass Bird Die-off Caused by Gays!
Penn and Teller BS: Easy Money (1/2)
The Perfect Crime
How 'that' works
Alex Jones mocks a Kid Rock video
All the chilis are closed...WHAT
Michael Caine Impersonates Michael Caine.
Hey Joe
Pima Country Sheriff AZ Clarence Dupnik's legendary news conference (Part 1)
Cut to Commerical!!!!!
A mystery: Why can't we walk straight?
Excerpt from David Attenborough's 'Bear Crime'
One of the Best Plays in NFL History, with new soundtrack
Right wing patriot attempts to distance Jared Lee Loughner from himself
Rocket Dog
In case you wondered where 'Look Around You' came from
Mean Hedgecutter
Bill Nye the Science Guy - 'Water Cycle Jump'
Bear cub vs cat
Combo Breaker
Anthony Weiner and New Rupublican House Antics
The Cinco Pasta Bear
I can't breath dawg
The Secret Life of Machines - Washing Machine
Andre Agassi shows naked pictures of Steffi Graf for money
Captain Salvation: Christian Superhero
Cat Hates Rotating Clothing
Klan rally/recruitment video new albany
San Francisco cops shoot man in wheelchair
The RNC Chairman's Debate - Favorite Book
Bill O'Reilly and the Mystery of the Tides
Gran Torino - Clint's Racisms
The Plural Of Octopus
Robot juggling ping pong balls
Runaway Train - Jon Voight's 'little bitty spot' speech
Win Compilation
Fail Compilation
RIP Gerry Rafferty
Baman Piderman - Pwactice Da Counting
8-bit Zardoz intro
Weird Al presents: The Eternal Question
'bottoms up' beer dispensing system

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