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Robin Kestrel

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Happy Hotdog Man Device
The Disney / Chucky Cheese Rivalry Divides Two Siblings
meth addict shows you her neck
Becoming A Christian Changes Your DNA
The Alkali Metal Series, Reacting with Air and Water
Flashbang to the balls
Hula-hooping from the hula-hoop's perspective
Werner Herzog reads Go the F**k to Sleep'
African boy describes the plot to Commando
Dropping a bowl ball off the second story
I got paid in BITCOINS
Give us your cash, B--ch!
David Mitchell - The Little Bell
GOP Debate; Cain tries word salad to explain his 'no Muslims' statement
Japanese Game Show 'Running Cookie'
Go the F*ck to Sleep, the audiobook as read by Samuel L. Jackson
Lion can't eat baby
The Dirt Bike Kid (1985) - Cop Escape
Kyle quit the band
How to make Masks
Liquid TV - Idol Quest
Giant crane delivers swimming pool
Episode of rigged quiz show
Machine of Total Annihilation
Unions are Destroying Jobs - Lamar Alexander
Cerebellar ataxia
It's A Bird
Did you hear a click?
Porn at the Denver International Airport
The Venture Bros - Bathroom Emergency
3 Days later, Ann Coulter says what she'd do if her kid was gay
Have you ever had a dream like this?
Sovereign Citizen astronomy
Miami man films police shoot with cellphone
North Korean children playing the guitar
Iowa State Senator Hammerlinck tells visiting students to go home
The '90s by Kathleen Hanna
What teens are doing this summer
Bunnies jumping!
Simpsons: Flanders meets Canadian Flanders
A playground idea that probably won't make it to America
Angry Man With No Arms Destroys Hotel Lobby
5 Second Films - Planking
A couple of faux construction workers install a Windows logo on a soon-to-open Apple store
'I quit! Driver I am now'
Anthony Weiner Press Conference 6-6-11
Happy Atheist Father's Day
The Eidolon - Atari XL/LE (Lucasfilm, 1985)
Palin Doubles Down on Paul Revere
The Simpsons - 'Achja' und 'Komma her'
APB Reloaded: Truckstacking
GMod Griefing: The Boy in the Invisible Cage
Sarah Palin explains Paul Revere's Ride
Bucky Beaver: Space Guard (1957)
Foreign accent syndrome, Karen Butler
Sleepy Tigers...
What an Astronaut's Camera Sees
DARPA Nano Air Vehicle
Sesame Street Is Liberal Propaganda That Will Turn Your Boys Into Prom Queens
Lightning strikes the Prudential Tower in Boston
Some lies and fear-mongering about AIDS from 1989
Jetpack test flight
Woman Eating a Hotdog
waterspouts off Australia
Denver Airpost Alien Illuminati Conspricay part 2
Five Second Films: Getting To Know Her
Close Encounterss of the Third Kind & Denver Airport - UFO's
Phallic Symbols at Denver International Airport
Circular Saw Blade Slingshot
Dogs are still bad at committing crimes.
Why the Family Research Council is considered a hate group
A brief tour of a Wendy's.
Rachel Maddow - Dog pee can't stop Santorum
There's No Such Thing As A Jelly Fish
Life in 1999
The drinkers kittens
Donald, Where's yer Troosers?
Lonely Island + Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga - The Golden Rule
Jeannie becomes an atheist.
Stringbean performing 'Chewin' Gum'
MG5 - 1969
Everyone is stupid and useless.
Tea Party Dollar
Kids Reciting Pledge of Allegiance
dog gets excited about egg
Lightning: Fire from the Sky
Mamma Bear Plays With Cub
Gabrielle Chana working out
Video Booth suicide
'Dr.' Richard Kent and his flaming nostrils
A kid races an otter
Quantum Jumping - The Invisible Counselours Technique
Scarlett Johansson for Klanned Parenthood
George Plimpton's Video Falconry (Colecovision)
homero pensando
The best possible random letter selection on a game show
Chairman McHenry Calls Elizabeth Warren a Liar
The do's and don'ts of expanding foam

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