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Rival Schools intro, mega-happy ending, out takes
12/23/07, 01:06

But schooling still relies... in a Jap's ass. With lots of kicking.
Peter Cullen - Voice of Optimus Prime
12/20/07, 07:30

Linus Explains Christmas
12/15/07, 12:09

Linus Explains Christmas
12/15/07, 12:07

Lights, please.
Speed Racer (2008) trailer
12/08/07, 15:07


And the weird soap opera lighting makes everything look even worse.
whose line is it anyway - Ryan Stiles smashing head on neon sign
12/07/07, 17:45

It surprises not in the least that PoE sneers at Whose Line.
(Alternate) Cheers theme song
12/07/07, 17:40

These ham hands are oversalted.
James Howard Kunstler: The tragedy of suburbia
12/07/07, 17:38

Fuck you concrete dwellers, yards and walls not connected to one's neighbors are the great fruits of civilization.
The Merchants of Cool
10/23/07, 19:21

Exactly. The selling of cool to teenagers has been going strong since the very concept of "teen" was created.

There are some differences now, of course. For one, they have a half-century of intense research built up explaining why teenagers act like idiots. Second, the everpresent mass media makes it even easier for the ad wizards in NY and LA to spew their shit on the rest of the country. And finally, instead of working part-time jobs to earn money, their parents just hand it over - leaving them with no concept of its worth and willing to throw it away on whatever crap is trendy.

Eh, goddamn kids.
Comedy You Shouldn't Try In Seattle
10/22/07, 22:33

Counter words with words, or you're just a stupid thug.

And a cunt.
Alf the Animated Series - pilot
10/13/07, 01:45

Major childhood memory disappointment.
It's OK to be Gay
10/13/07, 01:42

If this man were representing people from the south instead of homos, he'd be Larry the Cable Guy and exactly as funny. BOO THIS SHIT.

Jesus, Rodents of Unusual Size, who pissed in your cereal this morning? Get a life indeed.
Bush: Saddam killed Mandela
09/28/07, 04:04

It's called an analogy.
Ahmadinejad at Columbia University
09/25/07, 20:14

Probably the JEWZ keeping him down.
Kerry questioner gets tasered
09/18/07, 12:47

The number of five stars here explains why POENews sucks. LOL brutality is great when it serves my personal agenda FART
Japanese "Erotic" FPS
09/06/07, 04:22

So how is this even vaguely not safe for work? Deep knowledge of Japanese innuendo? EXPLICITLY USE THE BAT AND SHOW RESULTS, FAG.
MegaMan 8 Opening
09/06/07, 04:17

Every voice by the producer's family. "OK!"
France Aint So Smart
09/05/07, 23:57

Dude, Enjoy, think about how many Keith Olberman clips get posted here and 5'd by drooling fanboys. Political humor outside of "BUSH AM DUM" is just incomprehensible.
Fat Kid Streetfighter
09/02/07, 06:00

Needs at least ONE attack and hit, rather than just wood wiggling.

Huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh. Wood wiggling.
4 Non Blondes - What's Up
09/02/07, 05:46

No He-Man clips? ONE STAR.

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