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A reality show contestant is voted off the island
09/10/11, 14:04

Right down to the Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew ad.
The Ecstasy of Au(gmentation)
09/07/11, 00:16

There are two kinds of men in the world: men with candy bars, and men who dig.
Cat & Gator
08/24/11, 00:13

Not seeing any crimefighting here, yeah.
Dude, you just got owned by Matt Damon
08/23/11, 15:04

Compare the teachers' GPAs to what the Wall Street execs got in Econ, in undergrad.

Medical schools are pass/fail, more or less precisely to head off the bullshit equivalence you're trying to make. In fact, pretty much the only graduate-level field where grades actually mean anything (other than being a death sentence if you get a lot of Bs) is law.
Dude, You Have No Quran!
11/01/10, 13:11

The government did not take that preacher's Quran.
Blizzcon 2010 - The Red Shirt Guy
10/29/10, 18:58

While laughing at the kid here is totally appropriate at first blush, to only laugh at him and not consider the context in which this is taking place is to really see the comedy forest for the trees.
So you want to get a PhD in the Humanities?
10/28/10, 20:06

i got heh numbah

how do ya like them apples
Seinfeld - the Porn Version.
09/25/10, 17:26

Come on; if people in the porn industry can't enjoy their work, who can?
Dick Valentine of Electric Six handles a heckler
07/06/10, 20:30

I went to an Electric Six show instead of my ten year high school reunion, and at that show Dick Valentine assured me the U.N. would listen to my online petition to end oppression worldwide.

Basically what I'm saying is that Electric Six is pretty much the best live band in the world right now and if you don't agree you can probably be jailed.
Gamestop Employee Training Video: Women.
06/23/10, 10:43

The woman from the Orbit Gum commercials has fallen on hard times.
A Tour of Detroit's Ghetto
06/19/10, 09:07

It always strikes me as funny when consrvatives blame the unions for Detroit, because they could be making the Holy Grail conservative argument in that Detroit drove its entire tax base out of the city through oppressive property taxes for very little return, and it'd be a lot closer to the truth.
A Tour of Detroit's Ghetto
06/18/10, 20:34

Also, I have to defend my city a little bit; you aren't seeing downtown here, which isn't any more dangerous or less fun to visit than any other major city's downtown.
A Tour of Detroit's Ghetto
06/18/10, 20:26

Detroit is basically a case study for an introductory class in urban planning: some cities fall apart when you cram 3 million people in a space designed for 600,000, but the opposite is just as bad, if not worse.

The really sad thing is maybe a $100 million investment from the federal government as eminent domain could go a long way to turning the city around; just buy up all these slums and demolish them. Get people close enough together that the city can actually afford to provide them baseline services with the tax base it has, and you'd see a new dawn for Detroit. But, once again, the city's too black for people to actually see potential.

Also, this video needs a Kwame Kilpatrick highlight reel to really be complete.
Song of the South Review
06/16/10, 14:33

Your argument is like saying we should morally re-evaluate drunk driving because people will often have a pint and then drive a half mile home an hour later without incident.
Superbadazz (full movie, may be slightly NSFW)
06/10/10, 11:42

Five stars for implying dick and fart jokes are NSFW, but watching a 90-minute movie from start to finish is just fine.
Sewer Cam: Unknown life form
06/04/10, 00:06

Paging SHODAN.
Where the Hell Was Matt
06/03/10, 23:19

This video is about as good an account as such a thing could give of the concept of "being alive".
Mohammad cartoonist, Lars Vilks, attacked at a lecture
05/20/10, 09:41

It isn't any different. Sam Harris talks about this a lot; the fundamentalists are "right" in the sense that you don't get to pick and choose what parts of the purported Word of God you're going to obey. You can't simply write of the crazier shit when the entire basis of the work's authority is that it's divinely inspired.
Stay Crunchy
05/01/10, 22:42

Xenosaga 3 - Ziggy confronts black testament
04/29/10, 19:26

Generally considered the strongest installment of the Xeno franchise.

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