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Mayberry Pancakes

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Duck Tales: Inflation Lesson
10/02/08, 19:47

Wow. Just...wow.
Cynthia 'Sporadic Crazy Eyes' McKinney claims DOD killed 5000 prisoners during Katrina
10/02/08, 12:32

Fuck yes Cynthia McKinney. Queen of the nutcases.

The audience's thoughtful "hmm"s and "huh"s seem entirely inappropriate given she's talking about an enormous government murder conspiracy. Or are they just pretending to take her seriously?
Biden/Palin - Roe v Wade
10/01/08, 22:11

Never mind. I think I hate her now. Arrogance and determination is not a substitute for, you know, competence.
Sarah Palin's Supreme Court Answer
10/01/08, 21:22

I don't hate this woman. If I were in her position I think I would probably be using my newly-acquired passport to flee the country. She's clearly over her head and being reamed on all sides. I can only pity her.

But for God's sake, I hate every single motherfucker who thought I would be enchanted or won over by this woman. I hate them. It's insulting and condescending and fucking retarded and I hate them with the hatred of a thousand suns. Fuck you guys. Fuck you all.
Sarah Palin plays the flute
10/01/08, 20:03

Okay, confession time: I didn't listen all the way through. You're right, whatever is happening at 2:06 probably caused a tidal wave somewhere.

But I don't think her tone is that bad. The piece itself is at a fifth-grade level, definitely, but I think her tone is better than that. Seventh-grade, maybe. It's a bit hard to hear over the (deliberately?) loud backing track.
Sarah Palin plays the flute
10/01/08, 18:47

For somebody who supposedly admires James Galway so much you think she'd do something even remotely difficult. Her tone is great, but come on. That's like ten notes.
Understanding What Palin Said
09/28/08, 20:15

Oil and coal, of course it it’s a - fungible commodity - and they don’t you know flag the molecules where it’s going or where it’s not but in the - in the sense of the Congress today they know they are very very hungry domestic markets that need that oil first, so I believe that what Congress is gonna do also is not to allow the export bans to such a degree that it’s Americans who get stuck holding the bag without the energy source that is produced here, pumped here, it’s gotta flow into our domestic markets first.

David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign
09/28/08, 14:51

My father is a big McCain supporter and has been since 2000, but this specific incident disgusted him. "I don't get it. Why would he do this? It shows a total lack of integrity. It makes him look like a liar. Also, who would ever go on Katie Couric?"

It's just a blatant lack of respect and common courtesy on John McCain's part, broadcasted live on national television. This is going to have a bigger impact than we know.
Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin
09/27/08, 11:19

Wolf Blizter is maybe the dumbest, most oblivious man I've ever seen on TV. Seeing him next to Jack Cafferty is a treat. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin sounds like a robot that's been programmed with a number of Republican talking points but doesn't know how to put them in any kind of order.

Debate point: McCain's "completely wrong" Boeing clip last night did not go over well with defense contractors.
Craig Ferguson talks about the current election, the media, and voting.
09/24/08, 18:37

Is it okay that I swoon at his pronunciation of "controversy"?

A lot of love for the part about coting not being funny or sexy. That point needed to be made.
Golden Girls / Election 2008
09/15/08, 22:31

I've never seen anything excel at everything so much.
Russian Basso Profondo
09/15/08, 22:10

This CD has been on my wish list forever. I think I have to go ahead and get it now.
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin
09/14/08, 19:47

Gets funnier as it goes along. Tina Fey was amazing, but I loved the "Oh, I guess I should've wanted it more!"
Racist Safe Auto commercial
09/12/08, 20:07

To be fair, I would rather listen to white people rap than Boccherini.
500 asian impressions in two minutes
09/10/08, 18:23

Just like Seiji Ozawa!
Another contender for worst porn ever
09/10/08, 18:14

if all porn were like this I'd be addicted
09/09/08, 18:16

I love Ligeti, and I love this piece. The visual score idea is magnificent.
X-Factor - Worst Audition According to Simon
09/09/08, 10:49

Their faces are incredible. Also what's in her hair?
A man who loves penguins
09/08/08, 18:59

Strangely poignant. I can only wish the best for this guy.
Target Women: Sarah Palin
09/08/08, 15:16

I usually agree with you, but these videos really hit home for me. I think she does a good (and funny!) job of pointing out a lot of the weird sexism in mainstream culture and how we deal with it.

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