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Barack Obama is Satan according to the bible.
11/12/08, 19:39

i am aware that bush is still in power. you know what i meant.
Barack Obama is Satan according to the bible.
11/12/08, 19:24

when bush was in power, these fuckos were practically jerking off over the impending apocalypse. now they're pissed all of a sudden?
Robot Chicken - 1 Sided Fist Fights
11/09/08, 11:28

"humourous robot chicken" is technically an oxymoron
damaged car keeps rolling
10/21/08, 20:50

ain't nothin' gonna break my stride
I can't imagine a 'president OBAMA'.
10/20/08, 18:11

God, i haven't wanted to punch the monitor so hard in such a long time
Scientology Human Mind Course - 1 of 21
10/19/08, 18:31

there is something seriously weird about the sound in this clip, or the way he speaks, or something

you'll be met with "some sort of psychobabble", not at all like rational terms such as "SP", "body thetans", or "purification rundown"

also: i knew what crepuscule meant, does that mean i win a free audit?

anyway 5 for evil, awful, etc
Angela Lansbury Masturbates in a Tub
10/19/08, 15:56

excitement, she wrote
Koko Meets Mr. Rogers
09/29/08, 22:03

seriously cannot stop smiling right now.
The Letter From Hell
09/23/08, 21:04

next day mail delivery? we should be so lucky to have such an efficient multi-dimensional postal service.
An episode of Fun House (US), 1988
09/18/08, 17:34

was talking about this show just the other day!
Youngconservative explains, Why Mccain?
08/22/08, 09:36

this has to be a viral tactic by the obama campaign
Youngconservative explains, Why Mccain?
08/22/08, 09:32

christ. he just keeps going and going. 5 stars because i just could not make it through more than 20s at a time.
Homeless James Bond - Part 2
08/18/08, 15:05

"That makes cents."
Pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot.
06/27/08, 12:16


i made this for my girlfriend in honour of arthur
Nazi Furry would like to show you his new airsoft guns.
06/27/08, 09:33

are we sure this guy is an american? his accent sounds pretty Nordic to me.
China, IL
05/28/08, 16:48

Sopranos - Hit On Phil Leotardo
04/25/08, 22:54

thanks for the spoiler, front page'd just as we were half way through watching season 6 :(
Knock yourself out!
04/05/08, 18:27

such a classic.
02/17/08, 11:32

called the fakery before seeing it was a viral ad.
A 'Short and Inoffensive' Graduation Prayer, Texas-Style.
02/12/08, 08:05

Ho-ly shit.

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