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j lzrd / swift idiot

Suspension through: 0000-00-00
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Hopper History
Anar's Story
Islamic Bee Calls for Child Martyrs and Torture of Cats
More Elite Team Fighting
Cookie Monster Metal
Brainstorm - The Afterlife
Once Upon a Time... Life
The Thing - truncated
Dana Carvey Show - Drive Up Drive Offs
Billiards in Super SlowMotion
Grand Theft Auto 2 Intro
Burn After Reading - Red Band trailer
I'm Angry: ninterror
Doug Stanhope Go home pt 2
Doug Stanhope Go Home pt 3
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Rodney Mullen practicing
Carl's Sports Update (05/30/08)
Last Time in Clerkenwell
Tuck Into That
Salutations from a corpulent male -- a compilation
nina turned into a zombot
Scorpion v.s. Crawdad
What it All Comes Down to
Frank Booth and Suave Ben - Blue Velvet (David Lynch, 1986)
The Railrodder with Buster Keaton
The Railrodder with Buster Keaton part 3
Winx Club on tour
Saul Williams - Amethyst Rock
Al Bundy Advertises the Kansas City Chiefs
thirsty cat
A Grammar Lesson
M.C. (Stephen) Hawking - What We Need More of is Science
The Shining (with robots)
Triumph goes to the San Diego Comic Con.
Happydent White Commercial
Tiger Beer Commercial
Knight Rider - KITT vs. KARR
The Best Cigarette
Cops taser injured 16 year old 19 times
Comedian Tom Mabe gives telemarketer a hard time
Troop electrocution hearing
London Street preacher vs. Voice of Reason
Cooking With Madge
smokey the bear with an important message
Ben Schumin vs. The Exeloo
CBStars Update: A New Look?
Warhol on Johns
Take My Wife, Please
St. James Infirmary
Zhang Wuji vs. Mistress No-Mercy
Ulillillia posts a video documenting the difficulties he's had posting videos
King Duan Zhixing Demonstrates Yi Yang Finger
CCCP Vs. St. Valentina
Interview with Lucky Diamond Rich, the 'Most Tattooed Person in the World'
Girl Driver Freaks Out after She Hits a Bird
The Rainbow Conspiracy
That trash is alive! Street Art in NY
Richard Pryor coked up inteview
Ant Colony in Printer / Scanner
Gibbon Messes With Tigers
First Lieutenant Norman Dike has a nervous breakdown under extreme pressures.
How to play the Pyro (fixed link)
A Nation of Consumers
Dudley Do-Rite - Stokey the Bear (Banned Episode)
Picard doesn't understand needs and feelings
Russians Arrive in Georgia - Reuters Report
Zhou Botong Demonstrates 'Mutual Hands Combat'
Russians Arrive in Georgia
The Final Duel of Mount Hua
1960 Detroit Autoshow Commercial
Visit Detroit commercial
Clown Terrorizes Rainbow Country
Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi
Mob Ties, Shears, and Brutally Beats Accused 'Witch' in Bihar, India - TV News Report
BigAl2k6 Invokes The Angel Of Death To Cast Goronchev Into The Fires Of Hell
Jim Jarmusch Sells the Leningrad Cowboys a Car
Jawsus Impression
John F Kennedy Campaign Song
Meow Mix Ad
Enter the Ninja trailer
Even McCain Started Small
Norman Normal (1968)
Limbo of the Lost - Nilmates pilots a steam powered robot
Bikerfox on Fredrik and Phillip
Portal Music in Mario Paint
Bayer is trying to destroy humanity
Indian condom ad
The 3 Farting Stooges
Sling Blade--Doyle Loses It
The Menu of Sling Blade
Kid showing off his cardboard guns.
Unsolved Mysteries- Delaware Hitchhiker
'X' - The Man With The X-Ray Eyes
Final fight scene from 'Butterfly Sword'
Scott Stapp gets drunk and then plays poker on national television

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