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Olaf the Unspeakable

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Australia's got talent - Watermelon man
Being Cuckolded by Klingons is Hypnotic
The Racist Dog Sitter
The better best Judge Judy Ending Ever
Mantis vs. Cursor
Big Bang Theory w/ canned laughter removed
amazing video weirdness
Unsuccessful river jump
Facilitated Communication: Prisoners of Silence
Patton Oswalt - Sky Cake
Patton Oswalt's Christmas Shoes- Animated
intellectual pug
This is How the Bosozoku Roll
Don't Steal Bikes Bro
Russian Dude Barely Makes It
Moron, moron, pants on fire.
Japanese people 'running' in slow motion
Kitty Waits for a Fly to Escape Its Death Stare
5 Second Films: The Man Who Knows Everything There Is To Know About Women
Arab People Pranks
Roof jump goes wrong in a new and exciting way
Ultraviolet motorcycle chase
Dancing Fat Dog
Pup Can't Get Up (Turtle Dog?)
Russian prank backfires
Most savage motorbike and roundabout smash ever
WTF Pakistan
the 'Watch 'Head Tilt Pugs' Owners' Pugs Watch Head Tilty Pugs Owners' Pugs on Youtube' blooper reel
Watch 'Head Tilt Pugs' Owners' Pugs Watch Head Tilty Pugs Owners' Pugs on Youtube
Fat cat can't scratch its own ear
Unicycle Stunt on Escalator Goes RIGHT?
Very wrong answer on a quiz show
Laser Pointer Dog Attack
Bill O'Reilly tops himself
Goodbye Analog TV
Polar Bear Plays With Huskie
Mary Roach on American Idol
5 second films - Coming of Age
That Mitchell and Webb Look - Women, sort yourselves out
Open a Wine Bottle With a Toilet
Ecstasy guy dancing at Gomez concert
Japanese robot finishes coffee subroutine, engages Dance mode.
Highlights from the 'Fire David Letterman' rally
Big Cat Voices
Cat Answers the Phone
Sega Dog Walking game
Indian floating martial arts.
Shepard Smith Calls Out 'More and More Frightening' Fox E-mailers
A huge line of Juggalos
A clip from 'Ghost Hunters'
How NOT to pour molten aluminum
Workout Dog
'Yes We Can' = 'Thank You Satan.'
Pooped Out Corgi Puppy
10 Things You Didn't Know About Orgasm
33 Year old Marcus Johnson was asked to turn his music down...
Physics of Superheroes 4 - The Atom's Blooper
Lawyer Destroyed on 'the People's Court'
kobold maki
Wolverine in 30 Seconds
World's Most Tolerant German Shepherd
Toy Bunny Massages Bunny
Fascism/Socialism Fox News Apocolypse!
Dr. Andy Thomson - American Atheists 09
Douchebag on a Slingshot Ride
Sneezing At 1000fps Is Disgusting
Japanese Peeping Tom
Camel Buckles Under Fat Woman
Worst pet owner ever.
Dear Jesus
Answers in Genesis Commercial
Obama Encourages Separation of Church and State in Turkey
Michael Bay Eats A Bowl of Cereal
Fifth Symphony of Wickerman
owl loves skritches
Japanese show humiliates idol, dressed as a cat
Japanese photographer humiliates cat
car crash 1997
Dorothy Dandridge w/the Glenn Miller Orchestra & the Nicholas Bros. - Chattanooga Choo Choo
Magical Martial Arts
Public Access Stuttering/Mumbling Singer
Channel 9 News, The Classiest News Team around
Dog can't get out
Obama Slyly Insults CNN's Ed Henry
Cat fears and respects the snowfall
Butt Darts
Semi-nude party girl had a drink too many
I AM... (a metaphor movie)
'Dudes' hurting themselves on pogo sticks
Broken Pixels Season 2 Episode 3 : Metal Wolf Chaos
Poetic justice: Emo skater
Bizkit the 'sleepwalking' dog
This big fat cat hates you
TNG Episode 18 - 'the naQed now, part 2'
Speedy's a jerk
Happy Birthday
Stains is Tormented Again
How to get on your co-host's bad side
Kittens Inspired by Kittens

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