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Albuquerque Halsey

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Hopper History
Have you ever told a lie?.. and other stuff
The Kitty & The Mirror
Biomechanical Speech Synthesis
Animal Kwackers - 70's kids show
When the lights go out - moldavian short film
Penn & Teller are Bullshit!
Roman Scandals - Keep Young and Beautiful
Earmites of Dogs and Cats
Cheerleading accident
Another cat hitting a mirror
The Drawbacks of Sugar Glider Ownership
Keith Olbermann in a minute
Polish WWII reenactors
Cat Spanking
Silent Hill 2 - James pushes a shelf.
Robert Downey Jr at the '92 DNC
The binturong AKA bearcat of Borneo
Growling Dog
Baby chick falling asleep
Anime battle scene.
Eve Online is Serious Business
Cat plays fetch
Argument to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony
Uncle Buck - Macaulay Culkin almost asks John Candy 38 questions
A scene from Warriors of Virtue
Poop & Romance
Police Escort Witnessing Christians Out Of Gay San Fran District
Hot Tub Time
SC priest commands parishoners to repent for voting for Obama
George C Scott Hates Fish
Cat Gives Dog Head
Run Nigga, Run
Herbert West: (Zebra Finch) Reanimator
Yacht Collision
Left 4 Dead: A Gamer's Perspective
3D Reconstruction of a Motorcycle Accident Survivor's Skull
Cats are natural athletes.
Welcome to Pooh Corner
Half Ton Mum
Time Bandits ('It's Evil!')
Help! Help me! I'm stuck!
Metal Heart
Man installs ferry boat horn in car.
Sexy Beast: Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD trailer
TF2 Mass AI
Well 'Final Warning' This!
Man allows himself to be shot with a tranquilizer dart.
LittleBigPlanet - TF2 2fort
Deep Throat
Coffee in Zero-G
The Amazing Cat
God: The Magic Painter
William 'D-FENS' Foster is, according to some people, trespassing on some other people's property.
Ron White, comedian by trade, defendes that whole 'marijuana' thing. (1/4)
Bootleg Windows '98- NES edition
Dachshund Swim
Ann Margret + Beans = Tommy
The Tick explains superheroing.
The Master and his Gas Mask
Adorable Kitten
Five tornados in 10 minutes - Lazbuddie, Texas 1991
Scientists research surface of the Titan moon
Unnovations - The Cashpoint Master
All Consuming Love (Man in a Cat)
QuartuvLarry has a few problems with Twilight...
Sexy English accent
Astley SPEAKS OUT Against Rick Rolling at Macy's Thankgiving Day Parade
It's a Mad, Mad. Mad. Mad World - Auto Shop Demolition
Link: The Faces of Evil all the cutscenes
Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon all the cutscenes
John Cleese on The Unpleasant World of Penn & Teller
Legend of Zelda (The Hero of Time) NEW TRAILER!!!
Redneck Gears of War Lancer rifle replica
Running Man one liners
I'm Boney I'm Boney
Page 34
Preparation for the Landing: 3 solid minutes of new age spaceship crazy
Your Name for Poo Poo and Wee Wee
Mari Doesn't Like Spiders
I.M. Meen - Opening
Satan Devouring Humans
Drew Brown's American Dream
Eva 3
Nestor Rule
Removing Intestinal Worms, NSFW
Nightline-The death of John Lennon
David Bowie at 17
This man is upset the library is closing.
Stop Trolling Me ShinAyasumi I WIll NOT BACK DOWN TO YOURE THREATS!!!!!!!!
Barry Cooper (cop turned weeder) sets up a honey pot to catch police corruption
Hobbymasters commercial
Cat Elevator
Drunk Japanese Girl Poops her Pants in the Subway
'Under the ruler faster than the ruler'

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