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Albuquerque Halsey

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Charlie and Samantha
Bluetit inspects next box camera
Futurama- Bureacrat Song
Chicken Fried Bacon
The Real Ghostbusters
Cyriak - Beastenders
Arrested Development - Exit Strategy
Cyriak's Animation Mix
Screaming Bo staff kata
Azumanga Inward Singing
Abigal And Brittany Conjoined Twins
flipping in fursuits
Futrurama - Xmas Song
Tokyo Eye - Maid Cafes Part 1
F*ck Iraq
ASIMO is a piece of crap
Alithea Remix
Kobayashi vs. a Kodiak Bear
The Chick Express
Baby Red Pandas
Love Boat: The Next Generation
Wolverine vs. Bart Simpson
A Christmas Story - Chinese Turkey
Mister Rogers: Breakdancing
Joni Mitchell - California
The English Beat - Save It For Later
Don's Guns ad
pauly shore punched
ALF - You're The One Who's Out Of This World
Boys Don't Cry - "I Wanna Be a Cowboy"
Tapir frolicking
Jackson 5- Can You Feel It?
"Weird Al" Yankovic - Dare to Be Stupid
DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona expanding table
kitcat dance
Happy Happy Joy Joy
Faithless - Bombs
Rev. Ricky's John Lenon tribute
Joe's Ark and Asians
Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva
Richard Dawkins: Q & A in Lynchburg, VA
Fantastic Planet (aka La Planete Sauvage) (Dubbed English)
Civil War Chess Set
Your Mama's On Crack Rock
Treetop Flyer
Tom and Jerry - Mice Follies
Hamster Wheel Accident
Live Action Suzumiya Haruhi clip
Oingo Boingo On The Gong Show, 1976
The IT Crowd - Team
Chasers - Trojan Horse
Kramer's Nervous Breakdown in the Form of Racist Rant
Waves in a Large Free Sphere of Water
Rex Kramer, Danger Seeker
Martin Landau as Bela Lugosi flips out about Boris Karloff
Kitten Talk!
Kids In The Hall - He's Cool. He's Hip. He's 45
Will it Blend? - Golf Balls
Missing Persons - Words
"Piss Hippie, Don Schrader"
Mad World
dog personal jesus
John Stewart on Ted Haggard
Kate Bush, Japan style
Tarako Live!
Night on Bald Mountain
Eddie Murphy - "Party All the Time"
Extremely Popular Cat
Bot fly in a kid's neck
Pelican Eats Pigeon
Patrick Stewart sings the ABCs
Cheerleaders gone wild
Chad Vader Episode 4
Chad Vader: Night Shift Manager. Episode 3
Chad Vader - Episode 2
Westboro Church gets chased from a protest
The Price is Right: Cheaters DO Prosper
Otter Chaos!
The Human Tornado - Dolemite-Fu in Action!
Qupie Tarako on the streets of Japan
Qupie Tarako Home Invasion
Dire Straits--Skateaway
Girl Attacked By Killer Whale
Count Floyd - "Dr Tongue's Evil House of Pancakes"
Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance
Upright Citizens Brigade - The "Ass Pennies" sketch
Stephen Colbert interviews Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda...
The history of the world, told with sand art.
Sand Fantasy
Cute Overload: Full version
Angry at the Smurfs
Battle of the Bands
RuBot II - The Rubik's cube solving robot.
Stephen Colbert as the Letter Z on Sesame Street's "All Star Alphabet"
Monologue from "The Great Dictator"
When Cats Attack
Rooftop cat battle
Magneto is kind of a jerk.
Beautiful Mantis Vs. Dragonfly

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