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Norm Macdonald: 'I don't really believe in DNA'
Human Mattress Domino World Record
Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era
Go potty Leo.
Japanese person shows off their Re-ment (mini fake food) collection
1000 Jesuits bukkake Gail's men
Bill Gates discussing how state budgeting is done on the back of education
That weird kid sings 'Down on Me'
Moonface tries to sing with help of autotune, gets angry.
Elpresador plays minecraft.
Fox playing on a slide
Rockhopper penguins hopping
Carl on Fitness
A 2 pound toy poodle plays with a 188 pound malamute
Boob touching lesson at a pickup artist class.
Waxworks Deaths
Milling Machine Playing the MacGyver theme song
Meet the next hot single Wall Street millionaire!!!
Niaca Crystal Cave Explorers
Susie Vs. The Internet
Deepwater Horizon Blowout, 60 Minutes
Kittens on Slide
Kidney stone pee
The Tea Party network
Ladybug flight fail
Sarah Palin discusses Israeli settlements.
Pump Up the Volume Trailer
Freight Train vs. Tornado
The Visible Human Project
Harvey Leeds - State Of Shock
Baby Beaver Loves a Good Scratch
The Beginning Of The End - Chrysler 1987.
World's most unfazed Croatian
Texas Rep Joe Barton doesn't understand middleschool geology
Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage
See what we did with the Ford today
Snakes on a Plane TV Edit
Glenn Beck's 'Unelectable' Stand-Up Comedy Jokes for Laughs DVD trailer
Real life PAC man
EX VIVO LUNG: treating lungs outside the body
Joe The Plumber tells you to vote for no taxes!
The Colbert Report - NOM ad parody
Robocop - Toxic Waste
How to fight with a pollaxe
Belyaev's Fox Domestication Experiment
House of the Dead: Overkill trailer
An old man rides up an escalator
Bizkit the 'sleepwalking' dog
Train vs. Nuclear Materials Shipping Cask in 100mph crash test
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream: Full Video
Wild Woody (all cutscenes)
The Nixon Tapes: Fags on TV and elsewhere
(Simulated) Video of Huygens' Landing on Titan
Let's Misbehave - Christopher Walken
The Video Guide to Successful Seduction
So the world economy nearly collapsed
Saints Row 2 -- Bizarre Glitch
The Warriors 'Come Out to Play Scene' backwards
EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE: Let's go (web) surfing now!
The Andy Rooney Game: Vice Presidents
Air Traffic Control Audio of US Airways 1549
Indian River High Talent Show Duo
Beavis and Butthead--Evolution Sucks
Television broadcasting in Nazi Germany
Estonian Animation: 'Time Out' by Priit Pärn
Superjail!: Coming Home
David Icke - Vibration Creates Form
Country Club Malt Liquor
Santa Claus Gored by his Reindeer
Bill O'Reilly Denies the Existence of Homeless Veterans
Cat a'playing the PIE-anno
Tonsil Stones
627-pound woman loses all hope of getting into a car
car exploding in ultra-slow motion
Penguin finds safety from Killer Whale’s attack on small boat
Jimmy Carter says YES!
El Despertar
A lost dog finds his way home
A couple of birds
The most obedient dog ever follows 40 verbal commands
Ulillillia plays his own custom Virtual Pinball level
TF2 - Meet the Cow
4 year old McDonalds Cheeseburger
Your Friend, High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Gun Store Robber Gets a Surprise
Fat cat vs kitten
Chainsaw Maid
Real Life Dinosaur in LA Museum
Guy And Girl Box
time lapsed video of a gecko eaten by ants
Bulldog Puppy Bandwagon
Animals Love Quran
B-2 Bomber Crashes on takeoff
Experiments in the Revival of Organisms
The Disintegrator

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