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Binro the Heretic

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Chief Kessler Repels a Homosexual Libtard Dildo Attack
Atlas Shrugged Part 3 Kickstarter
It's a pantsuit
Cats Knocking Things Over Compilation
Dual Photography
Eagle flight POV
Gun-face the assassin
MST3K - Maltese Men
Local L.A. Roach's 15 Seconds of Fame
Pieces (1982)
Dance like no one's watching.
bourgeois pig! bourgeois pig!
oblivious man drives into rock slide
3 sweep 3-D model generating software
Caught on tape: Deputy brutalizes family
Violent Tea Party Mob Attacks Media. (Raw)
Game Of Thrones' Tywin Lannister In An Early Role
Are you ready for some football
Pug scared crapless by giant teddy bear
Ride of the Firemares (on many guitars)
Get Laid on Plenty of Fish, How to
Aftermath of Taiwanese landslide.
Walt gives Hank the wrong CD
Robertson: Gays Use Rings To Infect Others With AIDS
Miley Cyrus performs at the VMAs
an example of synchronicity
Fear of The Unknown: Lovecraft Documentary
Armed Robbery Attempt Frustrated.
Trees collapsing into Bayou Corne sinkhole
Magic Beard
Oklahoma College Student Gunned Down By 3 Teens Out Of 'Boredom'
Armenian Women Baking Lavash
The Late Great Planet Earth
Creation Bytes: Beowulf
Anita Sarkeesian: Just my two silly cents
Breaking Bad - Box Cutter
Comic-Con Cosplay Catastrophe
Ted Nugent being himself
Klingenschmitt: If You Are Gay, 'Then You Should Be Discriminated Against'
Jennifer Connelly - Sway, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (From Dark City 1998)
Egyptian Islamist Justifies His Assassination of Secularist Intellectual Farag Foda in 1992
Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus - trailer
A poem for FTL
Colbert on the Bradley Manning Verdic
Should Younger People Accept Lower Living Standards Than Their Parents?
Wal-Mart Welfare
Bacon Bowl
a wild orca plays with a human friend.mp4
Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt
'Young Drunk Punk' Bruce McCulloch in Studio Q
Terry Gilliam's 'Monty Python' Animations (part 1)
Look out, she's got a thermal detonator!
The Adventures of the American Rabbit - The Entire Thing
You're interfering with MY investigation!
Rep Steve King Immigrants Mostly 'Evil' Marijuana Smugglers
Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds
Let's drive through the mall from The Blues Brothers
Mother Ocean
Scuba Soldier comes home early and surprises his family.
Kaze Tachinu (The Wind Rises) Trailer
Enslaved Whale Makes a Bid for Freedom
close-up video of a 'sea robin'
MST3K: The Adventures of Bolus and Horseflop
Stop destruction of our U-233
Mattel Tommy Burst TV commercial
Day of the Lynx
Fear is the Mind Killer
How old is the Earth
Comicbookgirl19 Christmas rant (fixed)
25-30 foot wall free climbing fail - How are you going to get down?
Malala Yousafzai's address to the UN
Tim Minchin - Thank You God
Chris Hedges on Whether Or Not America Can Change and Avert Collapse
My Dog Toaster was Attacked by a Raccoon
Long Island Landscapers
THE BEST GAMERS - The Last of Us Review
Clam Kings
Unsettling old Sesame Street segment on counting
Two outstanding Americans cleverly exercise their right to free speech
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
Dungeons and Dragons to a Fundie
12 year old Egyptian speaking on his country's politics
Robot does quadruple backflip
Zimmerman Juror Spaks about the Trial
The Bizarre Pearlfish
The Cabin In The Woods - Speakerphone Scene
Zimmerman Attorneys Run Their Victory Lap
Lion Taming Act Goes Wrong
Racial Profiling Piece on ABC
You know how birds dare other birds to fly in front if your car at the last second?
Bear Safety Tips from NBC 10 News
Breaking news!
Cheetahs Chase Impalas Across A Road, Impala Dives For Safety In SUV
Meet DARPA's Atlas program
Changing Education Paradigms
Albert Brooks Stand-Up Tonight Show 1973
Local news interview with 100 year old woman

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