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Dead Like Me opening sequence
02/16/09, 20:29

I loved this show almost too much. They had a marathon on Sci-Fi today which made staying home sick a little more bearable.
Alex Jones - 'The Obama Deception'
02/12/09, 12:02

So how long until this guy gets arrested?
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Audio Slate
02/11/09, 17:43

-1 for no "You're gonna die!"
Massengill Douche commercial on a boat with Cara Buono
02/05/09, 17:53

I think this is supposed to be a mother-daughter moment.
Smart dog escape
02/05/09, 17:52

I was going to one-star it for abandoning the Boston terrier. Twist ending!
Puppy Bowl V- Kitty Halftime Show
02/04/09, 17:18

Yay kittens. I forgot to watch this year because the game was so intense and I actually wanted to watch the real halftime show.
Beavis and butthead - Frog Baseball
02/04/09, 09:01

This was why my mom wouldn't let me watch this show.
Adam Corolla hangs up on Ann Coulter (LANGUAGE)
02/03/09, 10:30

I love her accusatory tone. As if Corolla gave her the wrong number just to make her look dumb. She probably miss-dialed.
100 Yard Interception for a Touchdown
02/02/09, 15:44

I know Harrison beat the crap out of Francisco for no apparent reason later, but this was an excellent play. I'm rating this clip, not his performance as a whole. Minus one because wtf is that music for.
Star Trek TNG: It's Not Lupus
02/01/09, 16:29

I love being strong.
From the first season of the 'Muppet Show,' a surreal number called 'Java.'
02/01/09, 10:22

One of my all-time favorite Muppet Show bits. I love this just as much as I did when I was three.
BBC: Pedigree Dogs Exposed
02/01/09, 10:10

Absolutely wretched. Between this and puppy mills, it's sickening what people do to get a specific breed while perfectly healthy "mutts" are put down because nobody wants them.

Also, I've heard Doberman Pincers can get that thing that the Cavalier King Charles dogs get, too.
The Dark Knight alternate trailer
02/01/09, 09:10

This wasn't part of the campaign. The thing he was working on was totally different. This was just something he did for fun with his brothers. Also, the Joker was in third grade when they made it. You just made fun of a grade schooler's weight.

I'm just glad these boys aren't on whatever path produced a scumbag like you.
The Dark Knight alternate trailer
02/01/09, 02:23

Some background:

One of my brother's college roommates now works for DC Comics or something. He did some kind of viral marketing for the movie at any rate. This was just a thing he did for fun with his four younger brothers, who all look exactly like him.
That's It. Kanye's Officially Lost It.
01/30/09, 17:30

This is why I like his latest album. It's all insanity like this, with some bits about romantic relationships and how he can't relate to anybody, autotuned and set to beats. Occasionally there's backup. It's like listening to a man slowly go insane.
Did Obama's Inauguration Go Too Far?
01/30/09, 14:33

The Bat Man thumbs-up made me laugh pretty hard.
Kittens on a Roomba!
01/30/09, 11:38

So is this the kitten version of king of the hill?
For the gays at POEtv
01/30/09, 00:54

Three stars because he is, at best, the third most attractive actor in these movies.
Brucie - GTAIV
01/30/09, 00:38

GusPlease, remember when you were living in L.A. and training for the Golden Gloves and shaving your head with a Bic razor and stealing Pepsi machines? This kind of reminded me of all that.
Cooking Terms (1949)
01/29/09, 17:21

Good gracious me, not EVEN MORE TERMS! How shall I ever keep up? I'm still trying to understand "Stir" and "Boil". Well, if even Margie, that dumbass bitch, can figure it out I'm sure I can.

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