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The McK

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Animated drawings
11/12/08, 15:48

2:41 even in the midst of all this amazing art, there is still something about whiteboards which compels people to draw wangs.

Arguably also 4:00
White Kids Believe It's Time for the Perculator
11/10/08, 15:46

Because white people and gays took over house ages back?

Five stars for kids just having a time.
Kill Me Kiss Me
11/09/08, 01:59

I want so badly to hate it.
Hot booty video of the day
11/08/08, 15:40

So that's what the exact opposite of an erection feels like.
Voting is for Slaves
11/08/08, 12:20

I don't get it. Didn't everyone celebrate by squeezing their fatness into tighty-whities and drinking Lil' Abner booze while shouting CHANGE?

Also it appears that they're too Libertarian to care who won. ALL THE SAME FIGHT THE SYSTEM
Jim Backus- Delicious
11/08/08, 12:14

Harvester were a lounge singer?
Get Your War On: New World Order
11/07/08, 16:47

Oh pish tosh. They've been pretty hit or miss the past few weeks, but between "You Are Loved", "Moose Meat", "Bailout" and "Rape Kit", this series can do no wrong.

I may be the only one who loves "You Are Loved", though.
Onion: Obama Win Causes Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are.
11/07/08, 10:49

Spoony: Thank you for that. That is a perfect analogy.
O-Town at Miss America 2000
11/07/08, 10:45



Yes he will
Get Your War On: New World Order
11/07/08, 10:42

Some kinda special moustache?
4 cans of Copenhagen, part 2
11/05/08, 16:34

No, don't speak. This is perfect. This is just perfect.
Jon Stewart calls the election for Obama.
11/05/08, 15:44

I don't know if you can really consider him failed, what with the whole international fame thing.

Yeah, ours cut out and we didn't get to watch this part. So fucking amazing.
Titus North for Congress Martial Arts Ad
11/03/08, 13:14

Punk music. Almost too much kicking. Windows movie maker. The Godfrey Ho dubbing in the last two seconds.

Everything about this is magic.
Poultrygeist Trailer
10/31/08, 01:08

"Dammit, we need to act before they turn the glass into lesbians!"
10/31/08, 00:15

A million billion stars for using "God Save The Queen".
Super Mario Bros.Film
10/30/08, 11:30

This is an amazing movie. They realized there was no way to directly translate the game, so they made a late-90s cyberpunk flick, injected it with PURE CRAZY, and attached names and iconography from the game wherever they fit.

Also Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo as Italian siblings is the most inspired casting choice in history
Voltron Sprite Hip-Hop Commercials (All Five of Them)
10/29/08, 15:09

Why is this not an actual Power Rangers-style series?
Be My Lover
10/29/08, 15:01

It seems I will like this kind of music forever.

I am okay with that.
Chocolate pudding bath.
10/29/08, 14:03

All these stars for the State.
My son loves to rap
10/28/08, 00:13

The first reincarnation of the ODB didn't really take.

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