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The McK

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Hell Town intro
10/08/08, 09:52

He's a cop! Actually he's a priest! PRIEST COP! WHO'S NOT A COP!

Saucy nuns! Being poked by goats!

A ballcuddle to anyone who can post a torrent link. I MUST SEE THIS SHOW.
Snorlax Owns!
10/07/08, 12:47

You're a mook, you're a goomba, you're a fuckin' magikarp.

'lil O'Reilly
10/02/08, 23:30

I orginally read that as "Ill O'Reilly" and was hoping for some kind of rap song stitched together from O'Reilly clips a la "Who's the Nigga".

But this is good too.
Dog Police
09/29/08, 20:09

Red Alert 3 - Star-Studded Hellmarch Remix
09/29/08, 18:07

So what would it take to make All Your Base funny again?

Would it take George Takei dressed as Emperor Hirohito?

Then that's what you get.
Megatron: Yes or No?
09/27/08, 14:55

Jack Cafferty on Sarah Palin
09/27/08, 14:19

Of all the ways Jack Cafferty gives me a semi, the way he says "Blahg" is probably the strangest.
Weasel Rationing
09/27/08, 14:12

Filker-fucking: The forbiddener fruit.
Drunk History, Vol. 3 - The Story of Oney Judge
09/26/08, 12:41

I loved Oney hiccuping through her impassioned speech.

Put this on DVD. I beg of thee.
Laisse Tomber les Filles
09/20/08, 12:19

Part of the benefit of nine years of French is being able to literally translate things. This translates as "Let the girls fall".

Which sounds a song from a band with much pricier haircuts.
Fugitive Girls - trailer
09/15/08, 12:40

Well are you going to wrap the chain aroubnd his neck or shove it down his throat? Geez, make up your mind Lesbian.
Come Sail Away
09/15/08, 12:11

Holy Shit yes.
Gigi D' Agostino - I'll Fly with You
09/15/08, 11:59

The idea of a bunch of weepy steward/esses and pilots hugging and crying to this kind of fucking silly vocodered teshno is pretty funny to me.
Obama admits he's a socialist
09/15/08, 11:53

Oh lord if only.

The Sign
09/12/08, 12:57

I think I was born about ten years too late.
Lizard squirts blood from its eye
09/12/08, 12:50

If a hot dog hosed me and my best Sunday suit down with ketchup, I would freak the holy living fuck out. And even after you sat me down and explained it was just ketchup, and that both it and the hot dog were completely edible and harmless, you know what? I still think I'd seek out food that didn't make me shit a brick.
Barack Obama: Charisma Machine
09/10/08, 15:58

I loved his deer-in-the-headlights response to the... was that a question?
Pum Pum
09/08/08, 16:14

While a staunch ally of the jiggling buttcheek, I was waiting all clipfor Andrew WK to start kicking down walls and screaming at me about my mortality.
Nigger Hatin' Me
07/25/08, 22:19

He's so darn happy!
Zero Punctuation - LEGO Indy
07/12/08, 21:32

I thought fair use allowed anything under about 15 seconds of a song to be used without being credited? Or does that only apply if you're not making any money off it?

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