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Tuan Jim

The pollen count is high
Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch - teaser
Chopin, Nocturne in B Major, opus 32 no.1 (animated score)
Girl wants to make sure the breakup hurts.
Arm Wrestler Matthias Schlitte has a gigantic right arm.
Boy falls on head
Conan O'Brien's Spitestorm
Between Two Ferns - Conan O'Brien
Left 4 Dead 2: Chet Faliszek Interview
Woman Falls on Subway Track In Boston
61 things on a cat
Electric Stunning of Pigs and Sheep
100 Youtube hits in 4 minutes
Intoxication Maru
1959 Bel Air VS 2009 Malibu crash test
Human Maru at Work
Tourettes Guy vs. Shirley Q. Liquor
Shazam! cartoon intro and end credits
Smart Car Monster Truck
Owl and the Raven
Lady on Fox News makes an apt and fair-minded comparison
Deadly Weapons - Sound Suppressors
Moj Izbranij
Baby Moon Bear Gets Freaked Out By Other Zoo Animals
'Ip Man' - Ip Man vs. 10 Karate Black Belts
Camera on a sushi bar conveyor belt
Ladies and Gents, Indroducing: The Max Skate Bike!
MV CoilMaster Mark1 coilgun - Featured on Hacked Gadgets
Black Kites terrorize Japanese rest stop
Stipa-Caproni 1931 - Venturi Duct fuselage
Song for Epileptic Dogs Flight of the Conchords
I'll Make a Man Out of You
Bear Mountain Sports
Drunk Mortal Kombat!!!
Jenga Pistol
Terminator 2 - Alternate Ending
Water-Powered Jet Pack
Kids Today.
Adam Sandler - The talking goat
Mean Kitty Song
Simons Cat
Bad Dubbing: Techno Police
Debate Coach Meltdown at 2008 CEDA Nationals
Belly Dancer Accident
Raiders of the lost Ark as an animated gif

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