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Atomic Powered Jack-O-Lantern

Flying Motorcycle Scene from Megaforce
12/14/08, 02:22

Big deal, I have one of those
GOP Ad - America Is At Risk
02/21/08, 19:33

This was a fun game, but I couldn't get past that part near the end where metal gear shoots rockets at you.
Look At These Muscles
01/26/08, 02:37

Too much mustache. And he's obviously got something stimulating his prostate at the time of filming. I say this because his exterior genitals are way too steroid-shrunk to do anything with.
tame the beast
01/26/08, 02:25

Her eyes are going to pop out of her skull.
And they're going to come through my monitor and eat me.
Naked Rice Girl
01/10/08, 22:58

This is Dadaist. Or at least making an attempt at Dada through "performance art". Some dumb undergrad purposely doing their bit to make the world a crazier place.

Also, chick. No adam's apple.
Wooden Pints
10/30/07, 15:21

It's like they want to be Finntroll, but suck too much.
Japanese Kanamara Festival (Festival of the Steel Phallus)
10/06/07, 22:43

I liked the vagina-pops.
Lordi- Bringing Back the Balls to Rock
10/06/07, 21:16

They sound a little lame when performing live, actually. I think they need to practice more.
GI Joe PSA Video Collection
10/06/07, 20:13

Uh...what? There's nothing funny about these.
Suggestive Doodles
10/06/07, 17:52

This made me smile
ILLBLEED - Toyhunter Ending
10/06/07, 17:48

What the fuck?
Wallflip trick compilation
10/01/07, 20:21

It is Parkour...just one particular aspect.
Wallflip trick compilation
10/01/07, 20:20

I wish I could start into Parkour, but even at 27 I'm too old. My knees couldn't take it. Wow, though.
A Day in the Life of Bruce Campbell
10/01/07, 00:30

He must be so goddamn sick of talking about evil dead. He was in other movies. And Xena.
Glowstick the Barbarian
09/27/07, 21:19

I have the overwhelming urge to stab this asshole in his stupid pecks
Orom - Csondben
09/06/07, 19:38

Five minutes of nothing. Pure crap.
The amazing flying kitty!
09/04/07, 20:46

That cat's legs were probably broken! Not cool!
Blue Planet -Deep Sea part 1
09/04/07, 20:32

Anglerfish sound like darth vader when they breath, and make pinging radar sounds with it's glowing end? Still good show, but do they really need the retarded sound effects?
Wizard People, Dear Reader 6 - Harry's Riches
09/03/07, 01:21

I have harry frikin potter with me and we're doin some shoppin!
Wizard People, Dear Reader: Chapters 03 and 04
09/03/07, 01:19

A horror of hair!


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