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Homemade headcrab costume!!
I can't imagine a 'president OBAMA'.
Garfield: His Nine Lives
Dad farts and scares baby.
Gaming In The Clinton Years - Myst
Coffin Joe - tarantula scene
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Blackthorne
Court Reporter's Worst Nightmare
Horrorvision Trailer
Titus Andronicus hosts a dinner for the emperor
Constantine - Lucifers' Arrival
Shakespeare PSA
Blendie the voice controlled blender
Being There - end credits
Marriage: It's Simple
What isnt funny with Yakety Sax?
Cat flips out at the vet
1917 Fashion Show
The Rat Race - Hitler's car
What are you doing here?
Pat Morita, standup comedian
Almost too close encounter with bears
Dinosaurs - I'm The Babby Song
Korean Popeye Commercial
Pentecostal Public Access
The Hand
Lehmen Brothers employees console each other
Double Amputee scooting down a hallway
Golden Girls / Election 2008
I've Got Two
Terminator 2: Low Budgement Day.
X Factor - Worst of the Worst Part 1
Detainee from RNC protests alleges torture
target women-chick flicks
target women-birth control
Maid Cafes
Senator Biden On Indian-Americans
Black man in an elevator
Dark Knight PSA: Herpes
A Young Neocon
Obama on your shoulder
Hee-Haw: The Next Generation
Atheist Experience: Y'all just wanna sin
Louis Theroux Behind Bars - Gay Nazi Hooks Up With Jew
Best scenes from The Happening
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Immortal Quizno's Commercial
SillyCrusader Raises Questions about Melting Ice and Global Warming
Girls Beware
Penn & Teller B.S.: Dolphins 1/3
Fat man being stepped on nearly killed by dominatrix
Zog's Nightmare
Mysterious Toilet Death Scene
The Other Sister - Let's Do It
If Mirrors Could Speak
SillyCrusader addresses POETV.
McCain on gay adoption
How Not To Fake Plane Crash Videos
Kenny Vs. Spenny - Octopus on Head
Runaway Beach Umbrellas
Drop Dead Gorgeous - Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
'Custer's Revenge' (Atari): 8-Bit Sex and Violence
Western Spaghetti by PES
Don't be a sucker
Angry Dog has Bad Teeth
Amateur stuntman crashes and burns
Gallipoli - Final Scene
The Heather O'Rourke Story
Winston gets a Lion Cut
Hellboy on Inside the Actor's Studio
Night Patrol (trailer)
Christopher Hitchens Gets Waterboarded
A profoundly stupid man lectures you about science for 39 minutes and 45 seconds
Pole-Dancing Bear
Wilfod Brimley: A Tribute
Sunny Lane interview on Primetime
Animals Love Quran
Living Large: America's Fat Lobby Fights Back
America is laughing with Bill Kirchenbauer
Presenting: Mike Ruppert
Not Alex
EasyCurves commercial
Atheism Is Irrational
I'm Voting Republican
Barack Obama on Religion
How to dissect a fruit fly brain.
Stupid Haters
News anchor accidentally annouces the death of a colleague
The Mighty Gorga (Two and a half minutes of it anyway, which is enough)
Girl Enraged About Smash Brothers and Trolls
'I do have psychic powers'
IKEA -The Lamp
Water powered car
Fox News Reports on Cyberbullies Targetting Young Girls.
Deplorable Maintenance at the University of Oklahoma
Some Christian views on gay marriage

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