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Island of Doctor Moreau - Polonaise
Fry and Laurie interrogate a baby
Kein Alkohol (Ist auch keine Lösung)
Still Life
Police dog has no idea what it's doing
Meaning of Life - Marching Up and Down the Square
Meet the Robinsons - tyrannosaur design flaw
MST3K - werewolf credits
Being There - end credits
Delicatessen - awesome (SFW) sex scene
Six-String Samurai - Soviet Army
Jesus is My Friend
Happy Together
Getting struck by lightning
Mamie Van Doren - The Girl Who Invented Rock n' Roll
Night of the Lepus - highlights
Lance Henriksen has one simple request
The Pygmy Shrew
Brush up your Shakespeare, and the women you will wow
Bouncing Baby cruelty
Joan Crawford wrestles Joan Crawford
Sunny Lane interview on Primetime
Undead - punching zombie fish out of the air
Chimp Commandeers News Desk
Apocalypse Now - the smell of napalm
Serbians moon CNN
Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD - Trailer
Brawny Man - That Thing You're Going Through
Ghost Ship murder montage.
Parody of the Tom Cruise crazy.
Where Did All the Good Times Go?
Van Halen completely messes up Jump
Top Gear Mini Ski Jump
Republican throws chair at titty bar owner.

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