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Hopper History
Man Tries to Slash Tire, Instant Karma
The Ideal Chinese Girl - Baifumei vs. Diaosi
Fatal Diving Accident Caught on Tape Analyzed by Specialists
Creepiest Motherfucker on all of Youtube
Falcon Punch/Kick Compilation
Young Girl Turned into a Grandma After Childbirth
Controversial Chinese Hotel Brainwashing
The Egg: White People Who Acts Asian
Is YouTube making us smarter?
How to Tell if a Guy or Girl Likes You
CoD: Black Ops II Knife glitch kill montage
Inside Nature's Giants: Great White Shark
Inside Nature's Giants: Leatherback Sea Turtle
Payless On My Feet (Nikes On My Feet Parody)
Rappin' For Jesus
Bring in the Cats
God's God
Casey Anthony is a LYING B!TCH
Experienced Child Smoker, Father Approves
here watch this
this is a funny video
Iron Man 3 Trailer Spoof
A Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer Spoof - Vomit Scene
Super Mario Bros. Nursery Mural
Amazing CRASSics: Bullying!
Deleted Scene from The Avengers: Dark Alternate Opening
Fake Disgruntled Target Employee
Executive Decision
The Asian Parenting Timeline
Luke's Change: An Inside Job
Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 - Fly and Record in HD
Respecting Demographics
The Gorburger Show - Tegan and Sara
Kitty and birdie chasing laser pointer
Cats can be jerks
No Interest
Jimmy On a Roll. MUST SEE!!!
♥ (Heart)
The Helical Model
The Helical Model of the Galaxy
Asian Female Species
The Human Electricity Conductor
What Chinese Kids Do With Their Red Pocket Money
Back to School Phobia!
Asian Male Species
The Complicated Chinese Family Tree - Cantonese Version!
Funny animals being jerks
How to get free premium cable
Twerk Team Promo
Your Anime Superstore
Boston Marathon Bombing: Two Possible Suspects Caught On Surveillance
Rainbow Dash's Precious Book (MLP in real life)
Baby Yoga?!
The Emoticon Challenge!
My Little Dashie (A Dramatic Reading)
Pistol Packing Brony Vs Obnoxious Kids on Xbox Live
How to Brony: Dealing with critisism
Daniel Bryan and Kane attend anger management group therapy
Daniel Bryan (B-Dazzle) raps
Catie Reacts to YouTubers React to Boxxy
battle rapist arena zx
waseem rayasat
Animals love treadmills - funny
why woman lie about being raped
The Soft Rice Eater
Arabs vs Asians (ft AreWeFamousNow)
MLP Voice Actress quotes APPLE.MOV
Totally not a guy cutting his lawn
Equestria Girls Trailer
Live at the ICA - Full Concert
Bicyclist beat stops to eat bicyclist monkey
I Had a Car Once
OTGW: Diary of the Deprived Asian Child
Bioshock Infinite Critique
Cell Phone Crashing at a Soccer Game
First Date: Asian Girl & White Guy (ft. The Kloons)
Chimo Bayo - asi me gusta a mi
Orphic Oxtra - Skeletons Having Sex on a Tin Roof
GRAY STATE Official Concept Trailer #1
Terrible Video Challenge: Whiteboard presentation on how to save money on your energy bill
The Zero Theorem trailer
Shit gets real between Dan and Roseanne.
Ponies: The Anthology
Fluttershy's Part Time Job
Two person Rainbow Dash cosplay
Brony denied from wearing gown to prom
No Interest
Derpy Ate the Precious Thing
Cute Duckling Reloaded
Serama rooster's extremely proud strut
「空想アニメシリーズ My Little Pony{
Chris Hedges is asked to give his thoughts on Christopher Hitchens
Chris Hedges on Whether Or Not America Can Change and Avert Collapse
Chris Hedges: America Is A Tinderbox

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