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Assist Sketch Understanding Ststem
05/13/09, 14:10

'An Arbuckle Thanksgiving'
05/13/09, 03:02

Stan vs. Ambien Two
05/12/09, 23:43

Star Trek TNG 22: Data's Day
05/12/09, 21:52

Needs a 'TNG' tag.
Stan vs. Ambien
05/12/09, 21:44

Seemed pretty scientific to me.
An Archaeological Moment in Time
05/12/09, 18:12

Classy AND sassy!

The thing that, I think more than any other, pisses me off about Creationists is the way that they diminish, or even entirely dismiss, all the awesome achievements of our (distant) ancestors. Refusing to believe that mere humans were capable of such great accomplishments, unaided by an all-knowing omnipotent being.
Punch Out (Wii) - Little Mac's return
05/11/09, 21:22

Overconfidence and too much Soda Pop before a match are a bad combination. Little Mac got himself far too big a head.
Wanda Sykes at White House Correspondent's Dinner
05/11/09, 15:18

Entertaining. Wanda Sykes. This rare moment deserves five stars.
Peewee's disturbing clown dream
05/11/09, 13:08

Edward's a manchild-robot-zombie-thing, Ed's just a (glorious, wonderful, yet surprisingly mature at times) weirdo.
Headbanging while making fire (special edition)
05/09/09, 21:34

Terrible. You don't understand the beauty of the original.
Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat (best one so far)
05/09/09, 20:50

Oh god. Oh god. I hadn't seen the original, but this was...masterful. Beautiful. Amazing.
Prodigal Son: Calligraphy Scene
05/08/09, 22:45

I was going to say 'He's lost a lot of weight.', then I realized it was made in 1982.
Kevin Smith discusses making a film for Prince
05/08/09, 13:16

Not a fan of Prince or Kevin Smith (but not a hater, either), but I watched the whole thing. That's his real talent, it's a pity we don't really have a venue for 'storyteller', in the traditional sense, in the modern age.
the best banking commercial ever
05/07/09, 20:41

Ha ha, oh wow.
Obama and Biden Buy a Few Burgers
05/06/09, 18:41

To be fair, they actually need all those armored car-tanks and bodyguards, because they're the President and Vice-President of the United States of America, and their country is half (well, maybe a third) full of crazy people that would love to kill them.

Whereas just about anywhere else (that isn't a dictatorship or a marginally held-together borderline hellhole), both the relative importance placed on a top politician, and the number of crazy nutbags that want to kill them, are far less.

I say this as a Canadian. Harper only ever has more than one car in his 'cade or one Mountie because he's a douchebag, not because he has a need for them.
Cargill: The universe isn't expanding
05/06/09, 18:24

And remember, due to sheer population size, where goes Texas' textbooks, so goes the nation's!

At least Dover's bullshit was small enough to squash when it needed to be squashed.
Gary Busey Attacks and Belittles an 11 Year old
05/06/09, 16:56

Busey is dead serious at all times.

ALL times.

Goose Howard
05/04/09, 10:28

A Gateway 2000 Commercial from 1994
05/03/09, 11:26

Honestly, I'm rather surprised it isn't already.
Autotune the News: Obama Presidency Recap
05/02/09, 20:23

Finally, Glenn Beck has been paired up in debate with someone matching his intellectual prowess.

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