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Minor league outfielder heckled
Chiyonofuji's 53 bout winning streak in Sumo
The Adventures of Tintin
Casper the Commuter Cat
Ractalfece trolling the metaphysical-science flower lady
My Legal Struggle With The University of Metaphysics
Man incessantly heckles Toledo Mayoral candidate
Mob disrupts town-hall meeting.
Godzilla vs. Benny Hill
Backpacker travels with his kitty around the world
Henry Rollins vs Techno Viking
The REAL Twilight with Cheeseburgers (previous post a mistake)
Olbermann exposes both sides on health care corruption
Protect American Healthcare Ad
Highly awkward interview
Lexx 1st Season Intro
Jay Bakker's Speech on Gay Marriage
Congressman Tim Bishop holds a town hall meeting
Congressman Tim Bishop holds a town hall meeting
Born to Fight - trailer
Samurai II (Duel at Ichijoji Temple) - Musashi versus Shishido Baiken
Bobby McFerrin plays the Audience.
Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames, as played on a marimba
Letterman - Dick Assman
Shatner On His Star Trek Signature Drop Kick
Professor Welton's Boxing Cats (1894)
Robert Gibbs on the 'birthers.'
Ghost Busters trailer.... from 1954?
Behold: REAL Congressmen Don't Believe Obama Is US Citizen!
Team Fortress - Band of Brothers
HBO America Undercover: Life of crime 2
Grand Canyon carved by floodwater - debunked.
SILVIA - AI Proof of Technology Prototype
Ernest wants you to wear your seat belt.
Rachel Maddow Corrects Pat Buchanan's (Racist) Statements!
Bill Maher: America is Michael Jackson
Star Trek TNG 28: The Perfect Program
Jim Varney on NBC news - 1984
Born and raised in a North Korean prison camp.
Star Trek: The Animated Series - Kirk is a jerk
Darth Vader dances at Disney's Star Wars Weekend
Frank McCourt Addresses Model U.N. Students
The Biggest Douche of Baseball
Rep. Tiahrt (R Kansas) wonders what would have happened if Obama's mother got money for an abortion.
You lose!
Glenn Beck Vampire Freakout Remix
Mollusc solidarity
Humboldt Squid Invade Calif. Waters
TNG Episode 27 - Data's Date
Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts
Star Trek First Contact review
Canada Vignettes: News Canada
Dennis Kucinich Sets Dr. David Gratzer Straight
Chihuahua is Terrified of Farts
Japanese Octopus head...girl...thing?
People and Power : Iranian Protests
Constitution Revolution 2012
Kids in the Hall: Strange Guy, But I Like Him
Nardwuar vs. Henry Rollins
Mega64: Oregon Trail
5 Second Films - Vinyl Condoms
'Ip Man' - Ip Man vs. 10 Karate Black Belts
5secondfilms.com: Mature Audiances Only
Reporter has a laughing fit
TNG Edit 25 - A Connecticut Yankee on Capt. Picard's Bridge
The Agony Of Defeat: Conservative Media React To Senator Franken
Argumental : 'Is Doctor Who rubbish?'
Help us, Osama Bin Laden.
Chris Matthews takes on Joe Scarborough regarding Health Care Reform
Meet the Pyro.
Muhammad Ali vs Howard Cosell
Artie Lange's now infamous Joe Buck show performance (resubmit)
World of Crashes - TF2 Style
John Hodgman at Radio & Tv Correspondents' Dinner
Japan does it again.
Jim Cornette Shoots on Joey Styles for Not Supporting Obama
Basij Day
Obama brutally kills an insect on live television.
Between Two Ferns - Michael Cera
Kaguya lunar orbiter - crater Antoniadi
How to Pass the Time at Red Lobster in Toronto
Ben Kingsley reads Percy Bysshe Shelley's 'Ozymandias'
Rachel Maddow: Frank Schaeffer Exposes 'Pro-Life' Movement's Domestic Terror Role
The greatest episode of the greatest show ever
Father Son Love
Stephen Fry on the subject of drugs
QI - Can i smell your pussy?
6 minutes of L4D 2 gameplay footage
Kill Bill; Bills death
Kill Bill - The Superman Speech
Canadian Argues With RCMP (Or just Canadian cops)
The psychology of evil, Philip Zimbardo
Star Trek Baseball
Listen Up, Duke Nukem Fans!!! Meet Dave Nukem!
The Mike Tyson!? Movie
Gretchen Carlson - Ignoramus
Eurovision 2009 - Ukraine

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