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Suspension through: 0000-00-00
06/16/06, 02:19

you suck at this
Afrika Bambaataa - Get Up and Dance
06/14/06, 22:59

you suck at this
Bernard Purdie Soloing
06/13/06, 00:09

screw neil pert's 29 piece set
El Kabong Rides Again
06/12/06, 10:21

yay for calexico, yay for quickdraw
Ride - Leave Them All Behind
06/12/06, 10:18

video is lame, band is awesome.
06/07/06, 01:26

-1 star for the stereolab diss
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Peekaboo
06/06/06, 02:01

this song is awesome in surround stereo.
06/05/06, 21:07

dose one has grown on me over the years
06/03/06, 21:03

This is the "who's on first?" of internet clips. Future generations will also study it.
Danny Hazen -- Future Country
06/03/06, 14:47

I'm thinking Leslie Ly found unreleased footage and did the mash up.
B52's - Rock Lobster Live
06/02/06, 10:23

here comes a narwhal
The Chills - Pink Frost
05/31/06, 01:07

i liked "dead web" better
Cyber Razor Cut
05/29/06, 03:15

you suck at this
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
05/26/06, 10:20

i still love this song.
Hulk Hogan vs The Genius
05/26/06, 01:44

i'm pretty sure genius was macho man's brother
Take on me
05/25/06, 01:18

slowly learning that life is, okay
Solex - A Round Figure
05/24/06, 23:43

song is a 5 video is a 1, not enough footage of the adorable ms. esselink
You Can't Do That On Television openings
05/24/06, 21:03

I was in love with Moose
Circus Peanut- Archiving the Unthinkable
05/23/06, 21:21

beautiful beautiful vomit
Adam and the Ants: "Stand and Deliver"
05/19/06, 01:05

king prawn and i have only agreed once, nad that is on the fact that marco pirroni kicks ass.


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