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Billionaire Robert Durst Confesses to Killing Three People
Has Britain become hostile to blokes?
Utopia S2E6 opening
Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli soldiers for throwing rocks
Female Sex Robots - MGTOW
InternetAristocrat's guide to SJW's (Social Justice Warriors)
Jeanine Pirro Reads Some Comments About Race and Police
Europa: Ocean World
Clearing up Net Neutrality
#TheSarkeesianEffect: Who is the Real Censor?
U.S. Sailors Attacked in Turkey
#GamerGate: For Those Who Stand and Fight
Into the Woods with Davis J. Aurini
Superbook - Job
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Funeral Scene
Agora - The Destruction of the Library of Alexandria
Orchard Supply Hardware's OSHbot
LUST! In the Time of Heartache
Perescuted (2014) - Trailer
PoeTV Cribs: Zizek
The #Gamergate Manifesto
Blackwater Guards Found Guilty in Shooting Trial
Rick Perry Clashes with ABC's Martha Raddatz on Immigration
Doctors are so arrogant, and I speak with a little bit of experience here
Lessons from the War in Iraq
Chief Keef Takes the Suburbs
Squarepusher x Z-MACHINES
John Oliver talks about the murder of Michael Brown and the tension in Ferguson, MO
They Might Be Giants Cover Tubthumping
Some guy made a video for a girl on OKCupid
Joe Rogan Interviews Ms. Pat
Neil deGrasse Tyson on GMO Foods
CIA Training Rebels in Syrian Civil War
Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student Into Buying Weed
Vampire - Real Vampire - Dance - Deva
'The Most Terrifying Thought Experiment of All Time'
Kid jailed for shitposting.
Saudi Arabia's Secret Uprising
Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashes In Ukraine - Flight 17 - Alien UFO - Shot Down
"Russian terrorists" discuss the shooting down of Malaysia Airline plane. 298 dead.
Deep Forest LIVE Tiko
Art School vs. Reality Ep 4
Chinese Multimillionaire Dupes Homeless People In NY for PR
'America' The Movie
Skallagrim on Americans
Transformers: Dark of the Moon reviewed by Mark Kermode
From Feminism to Facism
cognitive dissonance reviews 'Atlas Shrugged' - Chapter One
What is Reddit, Really?
A preview for the sitcom 'Mulaney'
The F-35 is a lemon.
Glenn Beck: 'We're in a perpetual state of tomorrowland'
Glenn Beck Explains Slender Man
Cognitivedissonance's Disney Afternoon Fan Art
Beck Blames Elliot Rodger's Murder Spree On Progressives
Free is a lie
Elliot Rodger Pre-Shooting Spree Video
9/11 Memorial Museum: An Exclusive Tour
Idaho GOP Governors Primary Debate (May 14, 2014)
Louis CK And a Fat Girl
Anarchist Conference Devolves Into Chaos
Cliven Bundy explains the government
Prof. Walter Block debates libertarian economics with Sam Seder.
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer
Geek Love - Gamer Grill
Obama backs Japan over the Senkaku island issue
Capital in the 21st Century - Thomas Piketty Panel Discussion
Avril Lavigne - Hello Kitty
The Whiskey Rebellion
Tonight Show 1986 interview with Vincent Price and Elvira
Inside Amy Schumer - Hello M'lady
Cops Called on Homeless Jesus Statue
Bill O'Reilly vs John Stossel Over 'Equality' In America
Star Trek: The Next Generation of Wrestling
Pinky: I'm Glad I'm Not a White Girl in Adult Industry
A message from the Goatse lawyer
Half in the Bag: Robocop
Dan Burgevin Hancock 17 Closing Statement
EvilHomer and Noam Chomsky have a verbal standoff.
Merry Christmas from Edward Snowden
Glenn Beck joins in the right wing self-consumption, targets Grover Norquist.
Undateable Black Athiest
Yoko Ono's Recent 'Performance' on Letterman
The 'racist bullying' video that is creating a huge shitstorm online.
Scenes from the Movie 'Game Change'
Economic Freedom in 60 Seconds
Chris Hedges is asked to give his thoughts on Christopher Hitchens
What the actual outrage about the Zimmerman verdict should be
You Have Been MISEDUCATED About Women ...
Rich hipster dorks go on a 'wilderness expedition', pretend they're 'roughing it'.
NSA Recruitment Drive at University of Wisconsin
Sean Hannity Then and Now on NSA Surveillance
Meet Edward Snowden
Civilian Sheepdogs: The Truth
Pepper Spray Cop vs. Protesters
ENCODE Project
Warlock - All We Are
Tropes vs Women in Video Games Part 2: Women in Refrigerators

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