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Jon Stewart called the President 'Dude'
10/30/10, 13:50

I can't believe Leibowitz would insult the Kenyan Marxist Usurper like that.
Iraq War Logs: Torture, civilian death toll revealed in latest leak
10/24/10, 15:24

Yeah the right might start giving Obama a hard time if he didn't give them a break on a little torture and murder.
Conservative Infighting on BookTV
10/20/10, 14:52

Dupe or not, I still wish a 200 lb lesbian beat her senseless on the way to the meeting, took her seat and spent an hour talking about critical feminist theory.

It's fair right? I mean we don't need laws against assault to protect the weak.
Gaming in the Clinton Years - Doom (SNES)
10/20/10, 14:42

Pretty tame by George Wood standards. Where is the suggestion that Doom Guy struggle with bereavement?
Conservative Infighting on BookTV
10/20/10, 11:08

Dupe still on the same page.
Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle campaign commercial urging Latinos not to vote
10/20/10, 11:06

Might be worth trying against Tea Partiers - 'all current GOP candidates are sellout RINOs who don't support geocentrism and heresy trials, so stay at home.'
This Ain't Avatar - XXX parody trailer
10/19/10, 20:46

I was braced for a Friedberg and Seltzer.
Conservative Relationship Drama on CSPAN
10/19/10, 12:18

Thank God she's too ugly for the pigfucker base to ever pay attention to.
Finnish news reporter gets fired in style
10/19/10, 12:11

Or the greatest of them all, Tykylevits.
Highlights From The Nastiest Debate of 2010
10/18/10, 18:50

Who is this terrible right-wing fundie attacking a guy for 'worshping false idols' and 'mocking believers'? What's that you say? He's the liberal?
Gaming in the Clinton Years - Formula 1
10/17/10, 23:35

Googling it really doesn't help either. Now I've just found a wiki claiming George faked his own death and was pictured alive in 2007.
Last Known Gay Survivor Of Concentration Camps Speaks
10/15/10, 18:41

Something to remember next to you hear Glenn Beck call the Nazis a 'gay rights movement'.
Will the White Race Survive? - Dr. David Duke
10/14/10, 20:25

Will the white face survive cosmetic surgery to the point where it resembles a plastic bag stretched over beetroot?
Civilization: Call to Power AI Entity
10/01/10, 18:03

Fast forward to Civ 5, where you're lucky if you get a slow pan over a drawing of a wonder.
For The Record: Liberal Research
09/26/10, 15:39

I sure wish he'd be more 'niggardly' with our tax money *wink wink*
Christmas With A Capital C - trailer
09/17/10, 21:18

See basically atheists are just bitter over not getting the girl.
Chris Chan IS The Jazz Singer
09/16/10, 20:59

I haven't watched a CWC video in a year but goddamn.
Basil Marceaux's Gubernatorial Debate
09/01/10, 12:28

Spectacular. Can the people of Tennessee draft the moderator or something?
Nigger! Is is a good word?
08/31/10, 16:16

Phelps is setting up franchises?
Koko loses a friend
08/24/10, 20:20


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