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David Dees Political Satire - Artistic Genius
06/10/10, 18:58

Dees is also a children's illustrator and has done a bunch of offical Seasme Street magazines and books. No Cookie Monster dying of aspartame posioning sadly.
David Dees Political Satire - Artistic Genius
06/10/10, 13:50

The FEMA deathcamp partybus is a personal standout. It looks kinda fun.
Killerstartups video review of poetv.com
05/29/10, 14:22

Screw these guys and cash in Chet.
America Is Colorblind
05/29/10, 13:49

death to america
Mike Wallace - 'The Homosexuals' (1967)
05/28/10, 22:48

"Why won't you liberal elites listen to the voice of the people? States rights!"
Mickey Mouse is a Lazy Asshole - Exhibit One
05/25/10, 06:45

With no less than two Mammy shots.
05/21/10, 21:37

Sloths pretty much have it figured out.
A Fish What's Deep Fried Alive?!
05/19/10, 19:55

Hannity: Iraq Should 'Pay Us Back For Their Liberation'
05/12/10, 00:26

Oh there should definitely be some payback.
Carlos Mencia Confronted by Joe Rogan
05/11/10, 06:53

It's not stealing, it's making a copy.
(InvisibleCrane) Rise Of The Robots Review
05/05/10, 14:44

I can't even guess the continent.
Cousin Stevie's Playhouse Intro
05/03/10, 17:43

...and there's three already.
'Topless' Chris Chan informs us about autism
05/02/10, 07:39

The thumbnail looked like he was wearing a red dinner dress and then the reality was worse.
Porn Stars Implore You to Buy Their Products
05/01/10, 00:28

That's quite an image.
North Korean children tv program.
04/29/10, 22:30

5 standard issue stars to be distributed equitably among submitter and comments.
Rachel Maddow- Racist Roots of Arizona Law
04/28/10, 23:51

Florida's just not making the effort these days.
Communist Old Guy curses at Young Tea Partiers
04/28/10, 23:44

It's a good job the founding fathers and every subsequent US President were not responsible for any deaths whatsoever.
This is Alabama. We speak English.
04/23/10, 21:11

"We Speak 'Merican" would have been perfect.
Insane Clown Posse's Glade Plug-in's
04/22/10, 16:49

Automatic five for Violent J's contemplative floating head.
Insane Clown Posse - Miracles
04/18/10, 18:04

I forgot about that. Done.

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