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The Young Turks vs. Shirtless Alex Jones
04/16/12, 14:53

Alex Jones obviously needs a 25 year old blonde co-host who giggles "I agree!" every few minutes.
Awesome little girl explains the toy industry
12/25/11, 13:29

Smart kid but obvious coaching/parroting here. If she rebels against her upbringing like most teens, she's going to be a quiverfull home maker.
ONN: Pop Star's Single, 'Booty Wave', Most Likely Civilization's Downfall
12/20/11, 03:14

So is the Onion over it's paywall attempt yet?
11/22/11, 14:08

It's like a Marmaduke cartoon but ending with a multi-car pileup.
I Am A Juggalo Not A Gang Member
11/11/11, 13:16

So are the first-wave Juggalos hitting 40 now?
Herman Cain Knows His Place: It's in the Oval Office
11/06/11, 10:23

At some point during the casting call for Hip Black Conservative the words "Can you make it more... jiggy?" were spoken.
Gene Simmons covers Firestarter
10/25/11, 20:27

Don't put this cunt on Andy Rooney's tag.
Russian car crashes compilation
09/18/11, 15:20

Added South effects : http://youtubedoubler.com/1IIe
Christine O'Donnell Walks out of CNN Interview
08/18/11, 07:02

It can only be blackmail. I imagine he has more comprising photos than J Edgar Hoover from his days running the dregs of the gutter press.
Black Man Experiences Racism in Houston Community
08/01/11, 18:22

He sure must be a good 'website owner' to live there.
Nazis Were Not Racist
07/28/11, 13:38

A whole bunch of different nationalist groups, from Irish to Indians, signed up with Hitler in the hope of smashing the British empire. You won't find that in many of their histories though.
Knights Templar 2083 - Anders Behring Breivik
07/24/11, 15:19

His posting history shows him leaving or disagreeing with various groups for being racist, neo-Nazi or anti-semitic. It just seems a strange degree of moderation for someone who calmly gunned down 80+ kids.
Knights Templar 2083 - Anders Behring Breivik
07/24/11, 06:57

The strangest thing is how relatively moderate his beliefs were, for a spree killer. Anti-Nazi and he didn't even support the most conservative mainstream party. Most Republicans are further right.
A 45-minute tour of Minecraft Middle Earth
07/24/11, 06:49

Or some 3D modelling software from 1994.
Obama calls the International Space Station. 'I was just dialing out for pizza'
07/17/11, 13:59

Zero gravity isn't doing her hair any favors.
David Mitchell giving a very convincing answer
05/21/11, 17:07

Mitchell seen here at the climax of his fat/bad hair cycle.
Man baby featured on NatGeo show. He collects SSI and Senator Tom Coburn ain't happy about it
05/21/11, 17:04

I'm not convinced leaving him to to rot on SSI for the next 40 years is the kindest solution. There's a guy with Downs doing portering in my office and he's damn proud of it.
Reagan Revolution Time Travel Cartoon
05/12/11, 18:26

Potato-head Reagan through a time portal is still the most promising GOP 2012 candidate.
Edarem - That Old Black Magic
04/17/11, 13:10

The last thing countless children saw.
Jesse Ventura Vs. Piers Morgan
04/08/11, 17:46

Americans deserve nothing less than half-man half-slug Piers Morgan. Of course they also deserve nuclear holocaust.

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