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Suspension through: 0000-00-00
Wish granted. Good luck little guy.
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Tom Goes to the Mayor- Spray a Carpet or Rug
05/28/08, 22:08

don't be a retard
Tom Goes to the Mayor- Spray a Carpet or Rug
05/28/08, 19:42

05/27/08, 22:04

It looks like it worked.
Olbermann Slams Clinton for RFK Remarks
05/24/08, 19:05

It's about time someone on the internet had the guts to stand up to Hillary
System of a Down - Chop Suey!
05/24/08, 19:02

Dude there are so many anime music videos for this song.
Piano Man
05/24/08, 18:08

You're right I should have given it one star.

Your taste in music indicates that you like kissing boys on the penis. This has nothing to do with anything being mainstream or not.

The only difference between you and any other piece of white trash with an internet connection is that fact that you're half mexican.
Baby coconut crab frolics
05/22/08, 22:22


Piano Man
05/22/08, 20:42

Do you listen to anything that isn't meant for dancing with a totally dreamy guy at prom?
Tim Roth is surprised
05/06/08, 22:19

The first part had tits

The last part had Quentin Tarrantino acting.
Santa Monica
05/04/08, 14:00

This is like a step above the Barenaked Ladies. Maybe half a step. Don't kid yourself.
Soul To Squeeze
05/04/08, 13:57

what is this, bullshit 90's radio hits week?
Iron Maiden - Paschendale
05/04/08, 13:56

Why do you watch every single metal video if you hate metal so much?
Santa Monica
05/04/08, 13:55

Get this Dawson's Creek bullshit out of here.
Lucky Louie- Jerry talks about doors
04/24/08, 22:00

I'm mostly just amazed that he could deliver that monologue in one take.
Lucky Louie- Jerry talks about doors
04/24/08, 21:01

I couldn't find that one :(
Retard cooking show on public acces
04/24/08, 19:20

Damn man I am sorry to hear that.
Girlfriend plays Bioshock
04/20/08, 14:58

Star Hustler Jack Horkheimer collage
04/19/08, 23:15

Thank you
Whitest Kids U'Know: Period Sketch
04/19/08, 23:15

These guys' humor is based entirely on the theory that shouting is funner than speaking normally. How did them shouting surprise you?
dumbass kid posts youtube videos about how he's going to kill the president
04/18/08, 19:22

heil hitler

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