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‘You Deserve Rape’ Sign Held By Self Proclaimed Preacher on ASU Campus (VIDEO)
easter bunny toy proselytizes to you
Cream-pie video has unsettling twist ending
John Cena Prank Call
Jem sings the Last Unicorn
Norm Finkelstein Verbally Annihillates White Jewish Girl
Antiques Roadshow - German Demon Pig Pull Toy
Rock Band Reality TV show
Countdown: McCain's latest gaffe covered up by CBS.
stop motion tron
Dachshund's amazing ball-throwing machine
Rocket-powered skateboard accident
Woman Rams Car Into Husband's Car--Repeatedly
Horse drawn carrage wedding photo shoot interupted
Ricky Gervais and Gordon Ramsay
The result of proposition 1231 not passing.
Sprockets - Germany's Most Disturbing Home Videos
'Thug' runs theological circles around Mormon missionaries in a Burger King parking lot
Crowd Helps Autistic Man with the National Anthem
Lightning Victim In The News
Neil Hamburger - RHCP jokes and more
Heroin Hero - South Park
House - Its never Lupus
QI 5 Ep:2 Electricity
R Kelly - Real Talk (behind the scenes)
What am I? What am I?
Linda @ Call Center
True Spies - Animal Liberation Front
Cat Experiments
Koi Mil Gaya - Jadoo
Enemy At The Gates - Crossing the Volga
martini ranch - how can a laboring man find time for self culture?
Slim Goodbody in Nutri City
Nahool the Hamas Bee terrorizes cats
Ventrilo Harassment - Happy Happy Joy Joy
"Gimme Some More"
Sleepy kitten making biscuits
Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3 - Kootie Pie Rocks
Panda Escape
Neophyte & Evil Activities - Alles Kapot
White Mice - nononononononononononono there's no limit!
Telepathic Twins On Big Brother
1-5 Dad is Having an Affair
4 Ton Mantis
Human Pole Position
Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran
Girl relaxes in Jacuzzi
Young kid on LSD
Blood and Guts and Morton Downey, Jr.
Corey Haim - Close to Incomprehensible
Dilly in the grass 2
Ann Coulter Waffles on Immigration
Professor X's birthday party
Hanuman comically dismembers Monsters

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