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Louis Armstrong

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Fleischer: How Dare You Say 9/11 Happened On Our Watch
03/12/09, 06:39

Being a conservative must be like sticking your dick in an electric socket, and calling it great after all of your friends have told you its better then pussy.
Mad Money - Jim Cramer goes off the deep end
03/10/09, 09:48

Hey I agree, the fatcat that doesn't use the litter box properly and craps outside of it deserves to be punished when I get to clean it up.

Besides Cramer, the investment that the bail out goes to is the improvment of america. Banks wouldn't even lend you money to invest in stocks during the "good" years. Fuck you for pineing about stocks not improving because of the bailout.
Homer's Trampoline
03/09/09, 11:53

This is a good clip, but Krustys best moment? Sex cauldren is way better, and even then a better moment then that is Krusty frying Homer with the hand buzzer after he graduates Klown Kollege. -3 stars.

+1 for whoever one stars this with "fuck hulu"
Here is a Muppet News flash!
03/08/09, 21:57

its really only 4:30
Mugen - Ronald McDonald v Super Mario Bros
03/07/09, 02:25

I suppose the antithesis of the internet would be "a life". That would be hard to put into MUGEN form, so yeah I geuss the internet MUGEN would be unbeatable.
Cooking hot dogs and peaches
03/06/09, 23:51

I like how this place isn't his and he plans on abandoning it for a couple o days.
Terrible Joker clips from 'The Batman'
03/06/09, 23:48

Joker dracula.
Mugen - Ronald McDonald v Super Mario Bros
03/06/09, 22:44

Now I'm waiting for omega stephen hawking to appear. Not even omega tom hanks and his magic shoes could withstand the blackhole logic attack.
Dancing to Smooth by Santana
03/06/09, 21:33

or "nightmare fuel"
Dancing to Smooth by Santana
03/06/09, 21:32

I missed the tags as well and thought this.
A Relatively Closer Look: Calling People Hitler
03/04/09, 08:08

You know who would also one star this? Hitler, but thats because John Stewarts a Jew.
A Relatively Closer Look: Calling People Hitler
03/04/09, 07:56

fuck you tinvagina
Rocky Mountain News Final Edition
03/03/09, 20:23

"But ad revenue is collapsing, and was never very strong on the web in the first place. Hence the problem."

Moot of 4chan would love to agree with you.
Rocky Mountain News Final Edition
03/03/09, 18:50

Again, no way to pay for journalist, no way to see or read real news. Enjoy the world of the "crawl info age".

Thanks for the info allcaps.
Homer Simpson's Painful Moments
03/03/09, 18:46

Some where good, but they are missing the two key greatest injurys to Homer

Homer falls asleep with his head in line with the Kwikie mart doors.

Homers crotch takes a beating from multiple hills while skiing and cursing "stupd sexy flanders".

simpsons relying on Simpsons nostalgia for laughs. Oh god someone put this beast out of its misery.
Rocky Mountain News Final Edition
03/03/09, 16:34

I'm certain reality is pretty hitting them pretty hard. So much so that there career gifts are helping them balance.

Its loss of revenue to the internet that is doing them in, not being taxed too much Enjoy. Interestingly they might have to become a non-profit news paper(which sounds like a good idea to overcome taxes, I mean a, get back to work).

Newspapers are special because of what they do. You are also special. Learn to empathize,
Rocky Mountain News Final Edition
03/03/09, 16:14

I challange you to actually go to our forums and find a post that has actual insight instead of just opinion on a constant basis. like I said, its there, but generally the forums end with someone calling someone out for various resons(like now) and garerns little information for others, its just amusing. Its not the ideal to learn by.

Most of the content that gets our discusions and blogs going is started because of the journalism. journalist go out, investigate all sides, report, and then we have an opinion to go by. Sites like POE news and Drudge do not hire journalist(it be awsome if they did) but instead have news CREATED BY JOURNALIST, and posted. Without these people doing this work, there is no education to the public(like that happens anyway).

sure you win your challange, we will have blogs, talking heads at the 24 hour news networks, and old men at coffee shops, but without a way to support superior journalism we will have shit. National election? shit that only comes one evey four years. Good coverage, but your local news source has way more information that is better obtained and more informative then anything national. And as a citizen, you have more power and ability to influence government at the local level. Unless you are a big wig lobbyist or congressman(or something of that nature) local news should be important to you. If not you are either 3/5th's retarded or really young and naive.
Rocky Mountain News Final Edition
03/03/09, 12:20

Also the non-profit paper idea described on the podcats at " I WANT MY ROCKY.com" is a good idea.
Helicopter Close Call on "Ship"
03/03/09, 11:22

I like the 9 lives tag. Can't wait for it to be 9 lives week.
Rocky Mountain News Final Edition
03/03/09, 11:17

No, they are absolutly correct that this matters. Other wise all of your news opinions and knowledge will be derived from the forums at POE news(generally I find handy bits here and there but all together its just a big fag dance of bickering opinions were points are won on asking about the other persons take on the word "the", and this is one of the better ones out there). Need a new source of information about evolution and its fight to reverse its teaching in schools. Go to Jesushatesdarwin@blog.com or some other nonsense. Also the fact that this is one of my favorite sites for news, why do you think Chet posted this. The Evil news is dependent on these journalist, and without a paper there is no longer a means to support them as they investigate. No journalist, no Evil news, people.

What should happen is the news papers that exist should maybe make a way to make their content online exclusive and make sure that they get rolayties from drudge before he post it for free. Lots of problems about this I know(with a major one being information is slowed down and less accessable), but since the model is changing to internet, its one of the few ways I see of actual journalist exisiting in a world of sound bite journalism on T.V. which does shit to educate what is actually going on with a topic(sorry Mr. Food, but your basic advise and pointers doesn't help me make that soufle')

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