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Wicked Atheists Repent !
01/05/10, 11:39

Does he live in that car?
Alamogordo Tea Party Protest (Jan 2, 2010)
01/05/10, 11:38

What gun banning legislation has Obama inacted?
Babe he calls me
01/03/10, 20:53

Actually he made a HBO series after this (which he suggested I could work on too) called Spicy City. It's also terrible.
Malcolm and Melvin
12/29/09, 20:31

I'm not upset about any of it.
Malcolm and Melvin
12/29/09, 19:58

I should mention, I'm not POed about this. It was 15 years ago in a career I no longer work in, now it's kind of a badge of honor.
Malcolm and Melvin
12/29/09, 19:25

Oh, everyone in the animation industry from that era has a Bakshi story.
Babe he calls me
12/29/09, 18:53

I made up the Batman type character while working for Bakshi in 1994 (see the Malcolm and Melvin entry for the longer story). I was supposed to come back and work on this short too, but he figured since he was ripping me off he'd better not, so he did all the work himself. To his credit, this one is the superior of the two... but not by much.
Malcolm and Melvin
12/29/09, 18:48

Ralph hired me straight outta animation school to write gags and storyboard this new project he had. We were locked in a room together for a month while I tried over and over to come up with jokes he liked. Eventually he started liking things and I finished the project with the promise to do the second in the series. I never heard from him again. A few years later I heard the short aired on the What A Cartoon show along with a second. I tracked them down through some friends at Nick and finally saw the finished project. Holy Shit it's terrible! The reason I was never brought back for the second short, which I'll post in a second, is because he stole one of my characters (the Batman ripoff) and produced the whole thing around that character. That one might be the better of the two as I'm pretty sure Ralph did it all himself.
Wabash Cannon Ball
12/29/09, 00:13

I wanted to name my son Wabash Cannonball, but the wife shot it down. sigh...
Ballantine Beer
12/28/09, 17:41

"P. Ballentine and Sons, Newark, NJ" - I knew there was a reason I liked it so much.
You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch - Sung by Tay Zonday
12/23/09, 19:22

Are you saying he should move away from the mic to breathe in?
Kick-Ass Red Band Trailer
12/22/09, 22:43

It’s been interesting seeing the reactions to this from around the web, from Reddit’s cautioned “Oh my monocle!’ types dicussing how bad it is for little girls (who shouldn’t be in a R-rated movie anyways) to AICN’s 1,500 page discussion on how pedo-tasitic is is.
Santa's Slay: Opening scene
12/22/09, 22:13

This gets reupped every year, and it's worth it every time.
Alyssa Milano's Evolution: Jersey Shore
12/21/09, 15:54

Tell ya what, until you live in state that pays the taxes we do, keep your fucking mouth shut and pray we don't cut you off.
The Celery: Helps The Elderly Twitter Via Fax Machine
12/18/09, 11:23

I thought the celery was an onion knock off, I am thrilled to be wrong, 4 for grand ma, 1 for Camonk
Sukeban Deka - Fight scene
12/16/09, 20:05

In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the Yo=Yo Girl Cops, who investigate crime, and the Marble Throwing Girl Cops, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.
Kali and demons
12/15/09, 10:42

The Wizard (1986) opening
12/09/09, 17:50

Oh Randall, you scamp.
Nerd Wedding Reception : Kneel Before Zod Edition
12/09/09, 00:05

So evil I didn't even get past his introduction. Wait, that's that in the background, is that someone's mom hanging herself? + 1 for matricide!
Creationism: Still Crazy After All These Years
12/08/09, 11:00

Are you guys saying Dawkins doesn't come across as a douchebag? Cuz I think I've seen all his docs and several lectures and while I think he's brilliant, he's totally a pompus d-bag. It's just his way.

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