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Casey Kasem and David Letterman count down Dave’s Top Ten Numbers
08/14/09, 22:27

This is from the CBS show.
Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style - First Cutscene
08/14/09, 02:43

I had Thrill Kill back in the day, so I never thought to buy Wu-Yang, now I regret it. Shame on me.
A reasoned debate on healthcare
08/12/09, 00:26

The link if you still want to see it.

A reasoned debate on healthcare
08/12/09, 00:25

Yeah, I don't know what I did wrong, it usually works fine. My bad I guess.
Pow! (on Soul Train)
08/11/09, 15:36

Go nuts.
Pow! (on Soul Train)
08/10/09, 14:48

My father knew Larry, I grew up listening to this record.

The only thing that would make this video better is if it were actually live. I think I submitted this years ago and it sat in the hopper, too bad, it's baaaaad assssss.
Master of Orion 2 - Losing cinematic
08/08/09, 12:58

Yeah, because surviving two full terms was a crushing defeat. Mua-hahahaha!
Video Game marketing done RIGHT!
08/08/09, 12:53

Yeah, it's the Elisha Dushku game, it's almost contractually obligated to blow, but a decent ad nonetheless.
Dethklok impersonate Conan
08/08/09, 05:03

This was a regular gag between the Metalocolypse exec. producer and I in college. I'm pretty sure we had this exact conversation about 60 times our senior year.
CNN Calls out Healthcare Reform Opponent on his Billion-Dollar Fraud
08/07/09, 02:23

I hate Rick Sanchez, but he gets stars from me for this.
Trash fantasizing about death
08/05/09, 22:54

Am I supposed to have a boner over this? Oh, wait, I am? Fucking rock!

I think I must have watched the 2 minutes that follow this 147,349 times between the ages 12-37. I had it on a VHS loop as a teenager.
True Forced Loneliness On Pittsburgh LA Fitness Massacre
08/05/09, 16:20

He really is exceptional in this. There were moments while watching this I expected him to walk into my office and start blowing chicks away.

10 Year Old Killing Machine Kicks Gangbanging Don Cheadle's Ass
08/05/09, 00:50

It;s like asking a Klingon why they had smooth heads in Kirk's time and ridged ones in Picard's. You can ask, but you'll never get an answer.
Dragonforce's Through the Fire and Flames, as played on a marimba
07/31/09, 02:10

if that dude was a real man this would be a porn video.

The Prisoner Comic Con Promo
07/28/09, 18:10

Jesus Vs. Magneto
Robert Gibbs on the 'birthers.'
07/28/09, 15:14

Newspaper reports in Hawai'i were/are supplied by the Dept. of Health. So, if it were a fake, the Obamas would have had an inside man at the Dept. of Health and/or the newspapers themselves.

But hey, keep it up!
Hell, most of them have been dead on the inside for years
07/28/09, 00:02

So that's why I can't find more Juliet Jett's porn.
How to Teamkill in Call of Duty 4
07/27/09, 17:19

You're really out thinking the game man, you're a revolutionary genius. Now those jocks who used to call you fat in high school will finally learn their lesson!
Chris Matthews Humiliates Birther G. Gordon Liddy
07/24/09, 03:38

Gahan Wilson's Diner
07/24/09, 03:35

I had Gahan Wilson for my Storyboard class in college, he showed us the rough cut of this in class. The deal was Ted Turner wanted to bring back shorts before movies, R-rated shorts at that. About 2 years later I ended up working for Ralph Bakshi on another short for the same project. Sadly, the project fell through, in the end they ended up on Cartoon Network as throw away shorts for their 'What A Cartoon' series. The Bakshi ones I worked on only aired once, this might have aired twice. If I wasn't dating a girl who was best buds with CN's programming director I would have never seen them, it's good to see it again. +5 and fave.

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