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The Majestic Eagle
12/19/12, 00:44

Battletech virtual reality center
12/07/12, 00:00

I went to that one a few times in 1995-1997, my buddy and I dug it (though not as much as the nickel arcades around at the time). I still use my Battletech call sign for games, Bowlringer.
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense [HD]
11/20/12, 02:19

A close second to the Last Waltz, for the best concert film ever made.
Like A Cheese Pizza
11/11/12, 08:55

Yup, never eating again.
Sweet Republican Tears
11/09/12, 09:10

Needs that Sarah McLochlan song. "From the eyes oooof a stranger..."
Meanwhile in, Serbia...
10/29/12, 00:34

That'll work.
Every Little Kid (From 6 to 93)
10/18/12, 17:44

Except this one isn't softcore, it's dirty with sex. The star there went on to do Meatballs with Bill Murray and a number of guest spots on Stephen J. Cannell shows like A-Team and Knight Rider.
People Bother Paul Ryan on Labor Day by Asking Him About Labor
09/27/12, 17:51

Dude, the guy's with his kids, bad form.

+ 3 for the little F-15s at the beginning.
Walmart donates a whopping $500 to a poor school.
09/23/12, 19:26

I got $500, will they sing the Cheese cheer?
07/31/12, 16:16

I kept waiting for a punch line, but it never came.
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Launch Party at Nintendo World
07/31/12, 08:44

How many POE posters are in this line?
Egyptian actors pranked by being told they are on Israeli TV channel
07/24/12, 18:45

Such a vile, filthy way of life. I lived in Cairo and to see the muzlim men with their little boys was sickening. Now the US is going that way. Pray that these people see the error of their ways. Pray for the peace of Israel and that muzlims will convert and repent from following a pedophile moon god worshiper. A recent study showed that 72% of all muzlims are inbred with their mothers, fathers sisters and so on. The brain damage is apparent. The control that the men want because of penis size is appalling. while in college we studied islam in deviant behaviors class. The sexual repression due to the lack of, shall I nicely say, bedroom performance, causes excessive violence. When raping it is the power not love and caring that causes the erection. now that they can "stretch" each others anus without penalty the rapes will drop. muzlim men have always preferred other men to women. Pedophile followers do what pedophiles do.

Maxim Gamer Girl Competition: Tradechat's Finalist Pilot Video
07/17/12, 06:49

Not if I can help it!
Baby Anti-Monkey Butt
07/15/12, 13:35

I've used this, it's baby rash cream, it does what it should albeit not as cheaply as penny-for-a-gallon A&D butt cream, but it smells better.
Thousands Line Up In Atlanta For Section 8 Housing Applications (Welfare) And All Hell Broke Loose.
06/18/12, 11:16

Thousands Line Up In Atlanta For Section 8 Housing Applications (Welfare) And All Hell Broke Loose.
06/18/12, 11:15

So you went to public school, enrolled in foster care but no one ever helped you, eh?

My family rents two houses to section 8 folks, and try are the sweetest folks ever. One is going to nursing school the other just joined the military rather then go to college on a football scholarship.
Penn's Obama Rant
05/23/12, 16:45

Gotta love a guy who hangs out with Penn wearing a Penn & Teller shirt. Just in case one of them forgets which one's the alpha.
THE BEST GAMERS - Mass Effect 3 Review
03/14/12, 11:42

No, 95% of the game is excellent, but the second you see Harbinger from ME2, turn off your machine and make up your own ending because the 3 endings provided are insultingly bad.
How To Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
02/08/12, 22:47

I like to watch this kind of stuff thinking it's all a joke.
How To Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich
02/08/12, 22:43

This is the god's honest truth.

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