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Young Child vs Monster
02/25/08, 04:56

You're just afraid she's gonna kick your ass.
Anti-Racist Girl
02/24/08, 23:08

Yes, the all-white class of 2008 must stand up to racism!

Y'know, if you're gonna make a short on racism, maybe casting the only differently cultured kid in school as the spooge spewing monster, RACISM, wasn't the best idea. Go White Kids, Go! Just imagine, someday you might meet a black person!

PS - Yeah, she is cute.

A hand grenade in a washing machine.
02/24/08, 22:52

Frag Out!
Persepolis - trailer
02/24/08, 15:23

The movie looks great, but I can't read the goddamn white on white subtitles.
Here We Go
02/23/08, 10:30

Sweden needs black people.
02/23/08, 10:28

Uh, where's the hip hop?
Megas XLR- Opening
02/22/08, 18:20

Well, I was there while the stuff was being made, so it's not much of a beardy knowledge thing, more of a 'this is my biography' thing.
Megas XLR- Opening
02/22/08, 15:02

The Megas crew had some writing issues. The co-creator/head writer is a dick and was suspended for a time for being a dick. Early on he put his foot down on every single tiny issue he could in a political struggle that was completely in his head. After his suspension he gave fuck all about the show, rather seeing it burn in flames then succeed out of spite. Within a few months he began accusing nearly everyone he knew that they were out to ruin him.
Megas XLR- Opening
02/22/08, 14:41

MEGAS was never supposed to be on Mtv. THe reason for all teh Mtv bashing is because they cancelled the production team's first series, MTV Downtown. Megas co-creator George Krstic was story editor on Downtown. Co-creator Jody Scheaffer was a character designer on DT and Director Chris Prynoski was the creator of DT. Jody and Chris now work on Metalocolypse, Chris owns Titmouse Studios and Directs half the episodes and Jody works as an animator (credited as Vicious Bastard, a nickname I gave him in college). George is working on the new Star Wars Clone Wars CG show.
Tron trailer redux
02/22/08, 14:30

Somehow they made TRON boring.
Raccoon steals cat's food
02/20/08, 07:41

He's like that guy who doesn't order anything when the waitress is there but then eats all your fries. Dick.
How to make a creationist cry
02/19/08, 19:08

"I do believe there to be a greater quantity of compelling evidence on the Intelligent Design side."

Name one piece of compelling scientific evidence for ID.
Barack Obama - Fainting Rallies
02/16/08, 19:30


You've been lied to, sorry.
road rager.....oOOOOWWWWNNneeed
02/14/08, 18:17

I doubt this is in New Jersey, not from their attitudes, they line right up, but from the accents. While South Jersey has some random redneck drawls, they are nowhere near as thick as the ones all three of these guys have.
Pablo Escobar's Hippopotamusses
02/14/08, 03:50

Chocolate, Wildlife Ranger.
Making my kid laugh by giving him a beard burn
02/13/08, 17:36

now we all know what sex with K. Thor sounds like.
Metal Gear Solid Picture Follies
02/13/08, 04:19

Solid Snake has infinity porno mags.
Super Fuzz Trailer
02/07/08, 17:30

It should be said that while he is 'A New American Superhero!' If memory serves - it's dubbed from Italian.
Hanging from a crane
02/06/08, 02:18

after only one viewing, pull up guy has stolen my balls and added them to his collection. His scrotum has 23,784 balls in it.
It's Morning Again In America
02/05/08, 15:45


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