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Carry On Wayward Son
02/04/08, 11:11


The Jersey Shore.
A Marine and a Cab Driver in Iraq
02/01/08, 20:54

Is that Animal Mother?
Legendary shlamazel Suzanne Muldowney does her Underdog schpiel
02/01/08, 01:56

In college I played the part of Elvis' ghost in a buddy's movie. We shot on a friday until sundown, then had saturday off, then resumed on sunday. That Saturday was also the big Star Trek Convention in NYC, so of course I wore the Elvis suit to the show for shits and giggles. I walked around in character (an Elvis Presley who was confused, drugged and LOST IN TIME!) and entered the costume contest. Suzie was there too. Out of the four people in the contest, I was the only loser. I got beat in a costume contest by the Underdog Lady.
Ventrilo Harassment - Peggy Forever
01/30/08, 00:25

Alric for the win!
There Will Be Blood - I Drink Your Milkshake
01/29/08, 23:53

I think Daniel Day Lewis might have started his career in working for the Ministry of Silly Walks.
Dogs being awesome.
01/29/08, 15:22

Dog on a skateboard, I can see that. Dog riding a bike? Holy Shit!
tame the beast
01/27/08, 12:13

But what do you mean when you say "more freedom"?
tame the beast
01/26/08, 16:49

In 2004 the Democrats ran a log with the words, "I'm not Bush" carved in it and lost the election by 130,000 votes in Ohio. Not quite a resounding refutation of Democratic policies.

Again, what do you mean by 'More Freedom'?
Untraceable trailer
01/26/08, 06:53

/b/ the movie.

He's hacked into my car and now the radio plays nothing but that numa numa kid, fuck!

He's hacked into my wireless network and now my desktop is a picture of a a guy with an afro telling me the pool's closed!

tame the beast
01/26/08, 06:47

+2 for this comment alone.
tame the beast
01/26/08, 06:47

Or gun owners who shoot their own kids coming home late, or people who don't look both ways, or fatties, or smokers, or drinkers, or drug addicts, or men over 50 who can't get it up anymore. Hell, only perfect people who never do anything stupid should get healthcare, the other 100% of the population can go fuck themselves.

What exactly do you mean when you say "more freedom"? What freedoms are you being denied? What CAN'T you do that you really wanna?
Recreating D-Day on the cheap
01/24/08, 03:03

I agree, but it's too awesome to not 5.
Weiner Poopie Ransom Note for Jesus
01/22/08, 09:55

Christ, was this the slowest news day in the last 900 years or what?

also: wiener poopie poopie from your wieners
Zero Punctuation - Crysis
01/20/08, 17:44

Sadly, I heard recently that thanks to A) it needing a super computer to run and the more damaging B) rampant piracy, Crysis has only sold something like 80k copies.
Moment of Zen: Abort Every Black Baby
01/15/08, 13:10

Bennet's problem was that he didn't say, "that the same could be true if you aborted all poor white babies too." While the percentage of crimes caused by blacks is higher, the actual numbers of crimes committed by whites is higher by sheer population. It's more a class issue then a race issue. The guy Bennet was quoting, the author of Freakonomics, ran as far away from Bennet as possible when this was an issue.
Double Teaming The Baroness
01/03/08, 16:08

This is why Al Queda will fail, BinLadin doesn't have a sexy lieutenant who runs around candyland in a bikini.
Sky News on Second Life 'Pedophile Wonderland'
12/28/07, 17:32

Yes and No, depends on where you are. There are no federal laws against pedo fiction or drawings or 3D computer images, but there may be local laws. It's a tough line, on one hand you don't want to encourage kidfuckers, but you also don't want to be thought police. You can't go around making arrests based on things in peoples heads or for things they MIGHT do; but then again, kidfuckers.
Grandpa Ruins Christmas
12/27/07, 12:31

Yeah, Dad's a pretty terrible actor, but not as bad as the cameraman, he gives it away.

The baby in the garbage line is pretty good though.
Trailer - Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
12/20/07, 18:41

I hope they make Hellboy movies until Jesus returns.
Atari 2600 E.T. Christmas Commercial
12/19/07, 23:02

You took the words right out of my mouth.

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