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The Majority
09/30/08, 06:38

This song came on at 3:48am when I was half asleep and by the end I was moshing alone in my loungeroom.
Girlfriend playing Team Fortress 2
04/09/08, 06:09

aussie i think.
Peewee Hockey Fight
04/06/08, 00:00

and what was the responsible adult doing?

taping the incident.
lasagna cat: 04/08/1998
01/29/08, 06:52

everything about these suggests i should hate them but they make me smile annd giggle like a retard over and over again.
Jeff Strand / Robert W. Thunder Beast interview
01/28/08, 07:51

oh wow.
SBD Dauntless vs Zeroes Part 1
11/23/07, 05:39


link to part 2 might be handy: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=26906
SBD Dauntless vs Zeroes Part 2
11/23/07, 05:38

P-38s vs Me-109s
11/23/07, 03:00

5 stars for the giggle he made at the end "and down he went, hehehe"
Eric Joisel, the Origami Master
11/19/07, 08:04

i also give it 5 for "defies the laws of logic itself".
Glowstick the Barbarian
10/04/07, 10:39

World's worst credit card?
09/18/07, 04:17

I had a credit card but I always maxed it. debit card all the way. i just looked at buying a lcd hdtv and after perusing the finance deal i realised i would rather part with cash now than pay 1500 interest in 2 years. credit blows.

also, is this kind of card and the whole subprime mortgage thing just another way of the (getting rich) rich squeezing more out of the (getting poorer) poor? i watched a show the other night where they interviewed a guy who owns a company that sells defaulted houses in the usa. his company had been in "hibernation" for a few years while the market was good and you couldnt wipe the smile off his face as he discussed how business was booming... the obvious unspoken implication being that he was getting rich off a seasonal wave of human misery.
Fuzzy Zoeller's Miracle Shot
09/09/07, 10:56

Use Your Eyes - 60s Police drug training video
08/15/07, 01:40

seriously repo, it was more stems and sticks than anything that looks like pot.
Something Awful Goons
08/09/07, 05:23

good to see stationary tornado in there.

also, holy shit, sometimes i think i am the best looking man on the internet.
Watch the World(s).
07/20/07, 05:15

im not sure what i should say here except that it should include pedofurries fucking each other. also, the execution of this thing is brilliant. you can skip the middle, though. long.
Brave Panda: The kitten who loves food
07/17/07, 05:39

God made kittens to please us.
American Inventor - Pet Petter
07/16/07, 10:13

He has some other hands he is working on in his shed... but they are of a more personal nature.
Patton Oswalt on old women giving birth
07/10/07, 09:00

Why have I heard of so many bad comedians and never this guy?
Backstage at the Colbert Report
07/10/07, 08:52

Greatest commercial from India ever
07/06/07, 06:57



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