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Banal Intercourse

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Freak Revolving Door Accident
09/06/08, 21:47

or Maximum Overdrive
Ludmilla Tourischeva breaks the Uneven Bars
09/06/08, 21:34

She looks somewhat disappointed as she walks off, as if her dismount was supposed to be so much more fucking awesome. What the Hell was SUPPOSED to happen? Fission?
Spider Car
07/11/08, 22:30

When the engine goes into higher and higher whines, I know that the thing is going to either:

1. Leap 15 feet straight up
2. Explode

-1 star for my dissapointment
Batter fakes being hit by ball
05/18/08, 21:52

I actually appreciate the sangfroid of a douchebag who knows he's at the end of the line. A better athlete with even half a shot at getting into the Minors wouldn't try to pull these shenanigans when his college team is on national TV.

You're a loser, but you're willing to go out with a very loud, emphatic whimper which I, for one, appreciate.
Fat Kid Becomes Winnie the Pooh
04/02/08, 02:19

DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK!! It just goes to a bunch of stock tips for companies that don't even exist.
A baby laughs at a spoon
03/29/08, 02:12

Until they reach puberty.
Reporter chases prankster
03/17/08, 23:02

I don't care if it's fake. "Violent CRAAAAWWWW" had me giggling for five minutes.
Myth Busters - Water Heater Rocket
02/28/08, 17:01

Fucking amazing! Amazing that the boiler/rocket landed within 100 feet of where it was launched from. If aimed, it could have made it across the bay.
Do you have a nickle? - Gong Show
02/28/08, 16:55

So, the girls' named their duo "Do You Have a Nickel". Is that a reference to something? Some kind of punchline? Google fails me.
Another Japanese Matrix thing
02/27/08, 02:23

If we knew then what we know now, we would've let Japan win WWII.
Hottie dances with five golden hula hoops
02/27/08, 02:06

At no time during the routine did she get all five hoops to link together into a chain. Even Harry Anderson could do that AND HE CAN'T HULA HOOP AT ALL.
Train Collision
01/29/08, 13:50

I'm thinking that our engineer did the exact same thing. The camera is obviously fixed to the cockpit. Around :28 it sounds like the breaks stop being applied and at :35 there's a subtle "whoosh" sound wich might be the door opening up. The horn is never blasted.
Possessed Bike
01/29/08, 13:37

The riders main reason for being on the bike is to keep it from biting the other bikes. I wonder what pandomonium is happening beyond the crest of the hill after the bike realizes it's free. I hope the race organizers have a captured female bike in heat they can use to lure it back into its pen.
Toddler Gets Kicked by Breakdancer
12/31/07, 00:01

... trans-generational interracial battery.
Mr. W
11/30/07, 00:59

Ummm... I guess I'll take a stab at it. He's... entropy...?

No! (Shit!) I got it! He's a continent. I should've said "continent".
11/25/07, 23:23

This video loses a star because there should've been A LOT more anime in it. This is the one and only video here that doesn't have an actual cutaway to anime. What the hell is this video doing here on CaminanteNocturno-TV?
People getting punched just before eating
11/25/07, 23:16

Good Video.

What does the 'L' in SNL stand for, anyway?
Battle of Kruger
11/02/07, 00:11

Fuck that. The calf's dad, who was the first to charge the lions, is man of the year. The crazy uncle who actually gored a lion is buffalo of the century.
Banana Fire
10/15/07, 21:18

When are these cameramen going to learn that a real journalist NEVER drops the camera to involve themselves with the action? This one loses 2 stars for being to short and getting all "artsy handheld cam" during the climax.
Skate park's squealy fat kid plan backfires
10/15/07, 21:06

Agreed. "Oh shit!" is the delectable appetizer before the sumptuous "Aaaauuuuuggggghhhh!"
(The, "Fuck... You!" is the fatty waitress asking for your order.)

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