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Fox and Friends Discuss Palin Writing on Her Hand
02/09/10, 00:29

"I think she did it because she probably does it a lot"

yeah, that makes a a fucking barrel of sense
Oh Boy.
02/06/10, 18:22

Whoever the producer was for that broadcast, he deserves props for cutting the dude's mic at 1:14 during the worst of the freak out.
Right now there are five women on my stage...
02/06/10, 18:12

No, they call her a Japanese cartoon
Toaster Funeral
02/01/10, 20:25

I'm not sure what my favorite part is, that the guy only puts one shovel of dirt into the grave, or that he then WALKS AWAY to nowhere, without warning, while playing guitar solemnly
A Dramatic Reading from the Stepmania forums
02/01/10, 20:15

I can do this about a million times better in my head.

But I know it would sound fucking awful and embarrassing if I did it out loud. Which is why I don't.
IOSYS - Eyes of Madness ~ Invisible Full Moon
01/29/10, 18:52

I'm more of a China man myself
The Pet Rock Music Video
01/27/10, 23:20

And thus rap-rock is born.
Eye Shrapnel PSA
01/27/10, 20:01

I dunno, this seems kinda slapstick.
The Pet Rock Music Video
01/27/10, 20:00

CGI Guilty Puppy
01/27/10, 11:53

That's a lot of pee for one puppy
BEAR ALERT: Fox News learns of James O'Keefe's arrest!
01/27/10, 09:06

nah I think they said that when the other networks started calling the election for Obama
Conan O'Brien Unveils The New Late Night Mascot
01/23/10, 00:23

goddamn I love wikipedia editors

Tonight Show "Appearance"

I'm trying to rework the "In Popular Culture" section to make clear that the "purchase" of Mine That Bird was just a gag. Aside from the premise being preposterous, the horse on the show (which was a chestnut with a big star) was obviously not Mine That Bird (a bay with a tiny star). If someone else can do a better job of reworking this section, please do so. Brock256 (talk) 06:32, 22 January 2010 (UTC)


I wouldn't be so quick; various news souces (including CBS News; see first link below) have reported the appearance with no indication it was inauthentic [1] [2] [3]. Thoroughbred Times hedged a bit [4], basing their doubt on the horse's coloring, but the horse on the show certainly appeared to me to look like the horse pictured in the second link above. There's no suggestion of the horse not being Mine That Bird in the New York Magazine page linked from the article. In the absence of actual evidence that the horse was different, we can't discount the possibility simply because it seems preposterous. MisfitToys (talk) 21:19, 22 January 2010 (UTC)


The CBS News source merely reports O'Brien's claim, without comment on its veracity (other than noting that O'Brien is "comically" vowing to spend these amounts of money, which should be a clue). Thaindian is not a reputable source. MTV News and NY Magazine's entertainment blog did report it as straight news, which is sad, but Thoroughbred Times makes the obvious problems with O'Brien's claim very clear in the article you cite. If you want to remove the claim (which is obviously and assuredly true) that the horse on the show was a different animal based on lack of a source, that's one thing, but the article should not report as fact that the horse was Mine That Bird. The only source for the claim that the real Mine That Bird appeared on The Tonight Show is the quoted claim of a comedian in the midst of a joke, and the encyclopedia should reflect that.

I understand that facts on Wikipedia must be sourced, but I can tell you right now that the horse on The Tonight Show no more resembled Mine That Bird than Pee Wee Herman resembles Robin Williams. I'm not trying to be snarky here, but it really is that obvious.Brock256 (talk) 02:05, 23 January 2010 (UTC)
Four Lions: stockpiling bleach
01/22/10, 23:28

That was great, hopefully this gets an American release.
Christian TV pranked
01/20/10, 17:16

He arrived in the kingdom of god. He was finally there, to sit by the throne of the Prince of Peace.
What happens when you put a box of wine in the microwave?
01/20/10, 15:45

Someone used red wine, once.

65 million years ago.
Glenn Beck Asks Sarah Palin Who Her Favorite Founding Father Is
01/15/10, 00:25

John4660 (14 minutes ago)

Beck showed nothing but disrespect towards Sarah Palin.
When discussing our history i do not find Beck funny when sharing. He belittles Sarah only to pull himself up. It's a sign of low self esteem on Becks part.
The more i listen to Beck the more i think he is a crackhead.
Division 9 - Gameplay Trailer
01/14/10, 01:08

You better hope you can keep it up for eternity, because that's what a slow-zombie story is all about. Trapped in a world of walking corpses, alone, forever.
Division 9 - Gameplay Trailer
01/13/10, 23:27

Because slow zombies are more disturbingly inhuman and therefore scarier. fast zombies are just hungry injured people, slow zombies are walking corpses.

Anyway, this looks like the closest thing I've ever seen to a game remaining faithful to the romero-style zombie story. I've always wanted a sandbox-type zombie game, where there are thousands of slow zombies, the only way to kill them is to shoot them in the head or blow them the fuck up, and a single bite is game over. I think it could work pretty well.
Dog Senses Arcata Earthquake at News Station
01/12/10, 18:00

Needs an "asbestos" tag
Silent Hill movie - Dark Alessa
01/12/10, 16:55

Apparently they're doing a sequel, and like this it will be loosely based on 2. Here's hoping they do a better job of it, seeing as 2 has the best potential for a transition to film.

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