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12/11/08, 00:41

These stars are for the preloader.
Downfall - Hitler Freakout
12/11/08, 00:25

"I'd rather shoot a bullet through my own head."

lol be careful what you wish for hitler my man
B. F. Skinner and Reinforcement: Why You're a Rube for Believing in Free Will
12/10/08, 14:49

But the pigeons aren't really "gambling" since they stand to lose nothing even if they peck at that disc all day.

Unless Skinner was somehow forcing the pigeons to wager a guaranteed chance at a small amount of food for an uncertain opportunity at a larger amount of food, the analogy doesn't really hold. And I don't think pigeons are capable of the sort of abstraction required for real gambling.
The Racism Challenge I
12/09/08, 20:18

He can't not do it. You may as well watch the horizon worried that the sun won't rise.
For the sake of the future, will we defeat you, nya
12/09/08, 11:23

For the sake of the future, we will defeat you. Nah.
The Racism Challenge I
12/09/08, 11:21

This guy's a laugh a minute. From his youtube bio:

Okay, viewers. I've been beating around the bush with semi-comical videos for too long! But NOW I'm getting political! Not only can't I stay silent, I WON'T stay silent! And I have a few choice words to say!

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
-George Washington

"When the government fears the people, you have liberty; when the people fear the government, you have tyranny." -Thomas Jefferson

"When we can have freedom, only THEN can we have peace. If this is unacceptable to you, then you are my enemy." -ME!!!

"Money isn't supposed to be free. People are." -ME!!!


Also check out the video at the top of his profile. Random clip from the Matrix + random Reagan quote + cliche song. I want to believe this guy is just some sort of troll.
Hopkins FBI - Hopkins FBI cross dresses and seduces a guard in Heaven.
12/08/08, 11:06

This is what they get for letting retards guard heaven.
The Fight Club videogame - Abraham Lincoln's victory pose
12/08/08, 10:59

I was thinking McCarthy too. And Franklin, Frederick Douglas, Elanor Roosevelt, and Mark Twain too. Oh! And maybe Sitting Bull or Crazy Horse.
Crying Number
12/08/08, 05:23

So... what is it?
The Fight Club videogame - Abraham Lincoln's victory pose
12/08/08, 04:22

Actually now that I think about it, there'd be room for 7 more non-presidential unlockables if you wanted 50 characters. Though I think Grover Cleveland should appear twice on the character select screen.
The Fight Club videogame - Abraham Lincoln's victory pose
12/08/08, 04:12

I've always wanted a fighting game where the roster was the presidents. Washington, Lincoln, FDR and such could be obviously great characters, while William Henry Harrison and Warren G. Harding and all the guys who didn't cut it for one reason or another, could be more or less awful joke characters. If they included every president up to Obama, there could be room for 6 more non-presidential unlockables to bring the number of characters to an even 50.

I think I'd play FDR the most. Just imagine him whipping out a wheelchair roundhouse on George W. Bush.
Hello Kitty memorial hospital
12/08/08, 03:46

Hello Kitty MEMORIAL hospital?

Does that mean...

Sweet Daddy Bear
12/07/08, 01:17

The grandpa didn't want to rape his five year old granddaughter. I know this may be a difficult concept for you to understand.
Dog pukes whilst humping
12/04/08, 04:51

*A* man? I guess you didn't glance at the comments.

eggsaladface (2 years ago)
that just gave me a serious erection

fockzilla (2 years ago)
God, me too...

bron1c (1 year ago)
dude i was so hard up till he puked im watching my to hot dogs fuck and i was so hard then i watched this I HATE U !

masterflex00 (1 week ago) Show Hide
anybody else like fuckin dogs and smellin dog shit when your masturbating?

Zero Punctuation: Mirror's Edge
12/03/08, 22:36

It's possible to do good platforming in an FPS, it's just extremely rare. See: Metroid Prime series.
Get Your War On - The Day Traitors
12/03/08, 00:46

you are dumb and do not get jokes
Legend of Zelda (The Hero of Time) NEW TRAILER!!!
12/02/08, 07:30


Les Misbarack
12/02/08, 03:27

The Great Debaters
12/01/08, 22:43

Actually now that I think about it this is more an example of watery latin temper.
The Great Debaters
12/01/08, 22:32

Fiery latin temper.

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