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Exhibitionist spiny anteater reveals bizarre 'body part'
01/22/08, 08:33

Zero Punctuation - Crysis
01/20/08, 06:20

Hearse curtain pewter.
LOST in 8 Minutes
01/18/08, 19:04

Season one of this show was absolutely amazing. I even own it on DVD. Season two was just fucking dumb and made me lose a lot of interest in it. I stopped watching regularly and only caught season three in bits and pieces, but there were some good moments.

I'll probably be watching the premiere on the 31st, in the vain hope that this show will return to form.
Mencia steals from Morgan Murphy
01/08/08, 21:28

She makes Mencia approximately 235 times funnier.

Though I think she's just doing this as an excuse to masturbate on stage.
Horsehair worms flee dead grasshopper
12/22/07, 04:27

Life: nature's terrible mistake.

Also, the only answer here is fire.
12 Days of Christmas - GOP Edition
12/15/07, 01:33

SIX troop FUNding CUTS

12 Days of Christmas - GOP Edition
12/15/07, 01:28

11% refers to the approval rating of the democratic congress.
The Price is Right - Squeeze Play Kick
12/11/07, 02:20

That is the whitest face in the history of faces.
David Sedaris - Six to Eight Black Men
12/10/07, 23:18

This was probably my favorite story in Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim. Pity, this version doesn't have the beginning of the essay, which involves blind hunters and what sounds animals make in other countries.
Dawkins v Haggard
12/10/07, 08:42

Dawkins' anger is legitimate. He's dedicated his entire life to this field, and when idiots like Haggard try to debunk it with half-baked "creationism science," it's understandable that he'd be galled by it.

I don't see any evidence that he feels threatened, but that would be understandable, too. He's in the middle of Haggard's mega-church during this segment, and that is certainly a hostile environment for someone like him. No matter how much evidence or confidence Dawkins has on his side, being surrounded by hundreds of people who hate you can be daunting. It doesn't help that Haggard made actual physical threats against him after the interview.
Team Fortress 2 Griefing
12/09/07, 01:42

The heavy going after everyone with his fists is priceless.
PissedOffVideoGamer - E.T. "Review"
12/08/07, 21:33

Ladies and gentlemen: SolRo.
Just because you love Japan doesn't mean Japan loves you
12/08/07, 17:56

It already happened: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Debito_Arudou

A good deal of these signs, including the pre-load image, are from Japanese bath houses, which are typically hotspots (no pun intended) of xenophobia in the guise of tradition. That being said, a lot of the problems Japan has with race are shared by Americans, they just appear more egregious because we're not a part of that culture.

Also I get the feeling that at least a few of these signs are warnings that the staff only speaks Japanese.
An 'atheist' during the 'rapture'
12/06/07, 08:06

Man, living through the rapture would be awesome. Think of all the free stuff people would leave behind! I mean, yeah, 1,000 years of tribulation, rivers of blood, the battle on the hill of megiddo... but at least we'll have Wiis and iPods to pass the time with.

Also, this video is proof why every airplane should have at least one atheist or heathen jew at the helm.
Incredible Crisis Intro (PS1)
12/05/07, 20:11

Here it is, the segment that got this game snatched away from me: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VzeS8dz0vtg
Incredible Crisis Intro (PS1)
12/05/07, 19:58

I loved this game so much when I was ten.

Then my mom took it away when she saw me playing the massage mini-game.
Sherri Shepherd: I don't think anything predated Christians
12/05/07, 19:53

If I were on that panel, I'd just say very loudly, "BC." If she ignored me, I'd keep saying it.

Assuming she knows what the BC dating system is. Which on second though, she may not.
Hare Hare Yukai (1/8 Speed Mirrored Special TV Size Version)
12/05/07, 05:01

Ah, HP Lovecraft's famous anime series, "Go Go Lurking Horror Wonder Time!" There was a surprising dearth of tentacle rape, but it DID feature a catgirl named Nigger-Chan.
Virginian Teen Suspended over Names in Death Note
12/03/07, 23:16

That's why you don't target people close to you, doof. Now you're gonna miss out on the awesome cat-and-mouse game with international police.
Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed
11/28/07, 07:04

Straight from

"Man those scientists are crazy they think this whole ID thing is a conspiracy! A conspiracy! What kind of nut believes in conspiracies?"


"Science is perpetrating a conspiracy to oppress people who believe in ID!"

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