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My Little Pony Presentation, Media Class
A character on True Blood sums up how we all feel about True Blood
Deep-Fried Kool-Aid
Return of dubbed hentai
My Strange Addiction: Comet
Freaky Eaters: addicted to cheesy potatoes
My Strange Addiction: Chalk
Selected scenes from 8 separate episodes of the anime Haruhi Suzumiya
Science teacher on Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Gale does karaoke
Fan dubbing
George Carlin - You Have No Rights
hentai vs free time
sifian reviews the onahole
Understanding Lolicon
Behind the scenes of the Happy Hot Dog Man informercial
Fan Fiction Theatre: The Office
Fan Fiction Theater: Law and Order: SVU
Kingsley has had it with dumb internet memes
Rebecca Black's 'Friday' slowed down 500%
The inevitable Charlie Sheen remix
young girl sings the Kesha hit 'Tik Tok'
Corpus Christi
Spiderman wannabe stops a thief
Twilight of the Cockroaches
Supernatural: the anime
Breakin' Up
Man challenges young son to eat entire bag of spicy doritos
Butter of '69
Larry King sings 'Poker Face'
We've Got to Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero
The news with Russel Eddington
Madness in the Fast Lane
Old Spice commercial aimed specifically at people from 4chan
Wires and Waves
The lowest score possible in Rock Band
a guy eats molten lead
Andante in C
Jingle All the Way
Joe Pesci winning an Oscar
Sewer diver in Mexico City
The 4400 opening theme
The most sinister ad ever
Patton Oswalt: Orgy
Filthy/GorgeousNot Rated
This Tornado Loves You (live on the Late Show)
Patton Oswalt on Fat People
Patton Oswalt deals with a heckler
Three-Way Tie on Jeopardy
Ain't We Got Fun?
The Truman Show
Watermelon-eating face paint
A Hammer Stole the Precious Thing
Cash MachineNot Rated
Autotune Daniel Songer
True Blood opening sequence
Patton Oswalt: There Will be Blood
Dubbed Hentai, again (SFW)
Progressive Flo doing standup
Reporter vs lush
Kiss You Off
Washington Dreams of the Hippopotamus
Seven-Thirty-Seven Down Over ABQ
Patton Oswalt on Cheetos
Dick is a Killer
Billy Mays in whispervision
I ain't no skank!
Breaking Bad original minisodes
Negro y Azul (el Narcocorrido del Heisenberg)
You act like you've never seen a severed human head on a tortoise before! Haha!
Countdown: teabaggers and tax havens
When scallops attack
Dancing Baby
Feeding a bobbit worm
Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman intro
Meet Raymond.
Ninja Gaiden
Sonic the Hedgehog: The Musical
Final Fantasy: The Musical
Eating live sea urchin
Tobias Fünke on American Idol
November 22, 1963
Dead Like Me opening sequence
Day of the Dead (1985)
Dawn of the Dead (1978)
Christian Bale vs Bill O'Reilly
News report on brawl at Cheyney University
It rubs the lotion on its skin.
Dubbed Hentai (SFW)
Orange Soda Boy Dance
Unworthy of your Love
The Ballad of Booth
Sci-Fi Wasabi
FDR is winning re-election so easily that he just starts openly mocking Republicans
Nancy Pelosi's Capitol Cat Cam
Dick Cheney makes Barack Obama President

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