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An Inappropriate Response to a Judge
02/08/13, 03:42

zool909 5 hours ago
That little cunt needs to have the shit slapped out of her is what she needs. Shes got herself a little attitude and obviously doesnt appear to be the smartest teen either. I dont know about you but cussing out a judge and being smart ass isnt going to help your case out at all. She sure as hell wasnt smiling in her next court case...
An Inappropriate Response to a Judge
02/08/13, 03:41

God, seeing that poor schmuck lawyer try to mumble something cogent so he can plead out her contempt charge later...that...that brings back so many bad memories. I am so glad I left that dreadful sinking ship of a profession.
Bill Close Hostage Crisis
02/08/13, 00:18

Damn, good find!
Atlanta mall 'cop' tasers angry 'mom'
02/02/13, 19:14

Gee, I wonder if this video is going to be a Rorschach test for peoples' subconscious bigotry that the internet fails horribly at!
America's Crazy Obesity Problem
02/02/13, 18:07

Actually in America, the economics of it do have a lot to do with it. Fast food is designed to be cheap, with dollar menu items that are mostly greasy fried garbage loaded with cheese and ranch dressing. If you can get a salad for a dollar at one of these places, it's literally just lettuce and a slice of tomato. If you want fruit at a fast food place, well ha ha ha -- it's either mixed in with sugary yogurt or ice cream or else it's literally just half an apple.

But the craziest is our grocery stores. First of all, if you're poor in America, there's a good chance you don't even live in a neighborhood with a grocery store, and might not have transportation to make going to one convenient. I mean, if your choice is spending an hour on the bus to go to a grocery store versus walking to a McDonald's (fast food chains are ubiquitous), the choice is obvious. Secondly, half the food in most grocery stores in America is instant, processed food loaded with high-fructose corn syrup. So even if you're avoiding fast food and TRYING to eat healthy, you still have to be vigilant to get healthy foods. Meanwhile, fresh produce is fucking expensive as hell. Even middle-class households in America have trouble affording fresh vegetables and meats week after week. You really have to go out of your way to eat healthy, quality food in America, and that assumes you have the budget for it.

It's had a pretty devastating effect on our cultural food ways. Since at least the 40's, our grocery stores have been flooded with processed food, and with microwaveable food since the 80's. The consequence is, many American households simply don't have the skill to cook an entire meal from scratch. If you go to, say, an American barbecue or Thanksgiving dinner -- the very place you would expect to see a family cooking a meal from scratch -- it's totally normal for half your meal to be processed or bought pre-made at the store.
Gabe Newell - Reflections Of A Video Game Maker
02/02/13, 17:02

This video makes me regret that I never did post-grad at UT. The poli-sci department is pretty good for nerd shit like this.

Have to take a star off though...I was really hoping Newell would talk about Valve and the "boss-free" corporation as a valid economic model for the rest of the economy.
RANT - Goku vs Superman
02/01/13, 06:30

No, I should've said he's not getting any ASS, not that he's not getting any pussy. You see, "ass" is gender-neutral and covers more bases. If he is gay or a GSM, it is a more fitting insult because I am saying his mouth-breathing slob looks and basement-dweller devotion to Japanimation have deprived him of getting laid with the gender of his preference.

Likewise, the ass is a tighter orifice, so it's an even better insult to his tiny, pinky-cheater dick that even anally, the other person can't feel it because he's not hitting ass pipe. Literally all weaboos are incapable of having sex without it feeling like a hot dog in a hallway.
RANT - Goku vs Superman
02/01/13, 01:25

You know, thinking about it, that's such a wrong thing for me to say. Sorry if I offended anyone.
RANT - Goku vs Superman
02/01/13, 01:15

Sorry dude, just because Goku destroyed any chance you have of hitting pussy walls during your sexual peak doesn't mean he's strong enough to defeat Superman.
Idea Channel: Are You A Hipster?
02/01/13, 00:32

Be fair though. Hipsters, for all their class privilege, are reacting to the same spectacle of capitalist pop culture that other subcultures rebelled against. The difference is, they grew up in a culture much more entrenched in consumerism and post-modernism, and much more enabled by technology and globalization, than any other subculture before them.

I'm an ex-gutterpunk, and I thought for sure my scene had it figured out as far as how to rebel against all that. And yet you can see the same styles I grew up wearing in Lady Gaga videos, in the pages of Interview magazine and on IFC nowadays. Something that only ever existed as a primal scream of negation and resistance to capitalism has been recuperated into its machinations as another trendy product. So I can't really judge kids who came after me for being able to appropriate all that and more -- they only inherited these conditions, they didn't create them.

Besides which, generationally, hipsters are the same kids who've given us Occupy Wall Street and Anonymous. So, sure, they've got class privilege, but they've also reinvigorated anti-capitalist/anti-authoritarian activism in a country where the left doesn't exist and most liberals are right-wing dittoheads and don't even know it.
Tea Party 'hottie' : MAN UP, RINOS!
01/30/13, 20:26

And now you know what it's like to pick up blondes on the north side of any major Texas city.
Mixed Nuts in Space
01/30/13, 03:02

I would humbly point out that Canada have contributed many of the technologies needed for space exploration and satellite communications. Probably the most obvious example is the robotic arm -- Canadarm -- that NASA used on shuttles in the 80's and 90s. (And, obviously, the Canadarm2/Mobile Servicing System used on the ISS). Actually, you know who holds the record for most space walks on a single mission? Canada. They also launched the Anik C3, the first satellite designed and used for broadcast television. In fact, since at least the 70's, Canada has dominated the bleeding-edge of satellite communications.

So here's to you Canada, our neighbors to the north. Thank you for being our partners in building the world of tomorrow!
A manchild and wrestling fan dislikes the ending of his latest wrestling show.
01/29/13, 17:00

Oh my god, part 2 is even better.

Mother forces toddler to get tattooed
01/28/13, 14:12

Some backstory here: There's a religious cult all over Latin America called Creciendo en Gracia. The leader claims to be both Jesus and the Antichrist and promises wealth to loyal followers. He also supports his members getting 666 tattoos and says children who grow up in Creciendo en Gracia are the master race. So yeah, some woman got the bright idea to tattoo her kid.
Crazy Landlord Cathy Tretola
01/28/13, 14:07

Yelp allows you to hide bad reviews if you cough up enough money. Although I think what happened here is that many of the reviews were trolls.
The Simpsons - Lord Palmerston
01/27/13, 19:46

Higher quality version here (at 15:47):

Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White
01/27/13, 03:45

Man, nothing convinces me of the cultural superiority of the white race quite like Chipmunk vocals over bullshit Eurobeat trance music.
SpongeKnob SquareNuts - The XXX Parody trailer (SFW)
01/26/13, 16:57

Pfizer should hire these people to make ads for Viagra. There'd be no question their product works if consumers saw some dude keep wood while wearing a Spongebob costume and making it with a girl pretending to be a cartoon squirrel.
Sick and tired of tea party cowards avoiding the Obama forged birth certificate issue
01/25/13, 16:31

I'd love to see this guy and that one lady who was pissed no one shared her anti-Obama Facebook posts sit down and have a discussion. We could take bets on which one has a stroke first!
Compressorhead - Blitzkreg Bop
01/24/13, 22:17

Oh my, that was supposed to be a bash script for doing the lyrics as text to speech, but I'm guessing the site recognizes "_EOF_" as a valid input.

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